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3D Shapes for Geometry, Png Clip Art


Bring your geometry lessons to life with this vibrant and engaging set of 3D shapes clip art!

This set includes a variety of 3D shapes, including cones, cubes, cylinders, pyramids, spheres and more. Each shape is available in EPS, PNG, and JPG formats, so you can use them in any software program. The images are also high resolution and watermark-free, so you can create stunning visuals for your classroom or educational resources.

YOU WILL RECEIVE 1 EPS files (for use in any EPS compatible software) 10 PNG files (printable format on a transparent background) 10 JPG files (printable format on a white background) 1 Pdf file with 10 pages Each shape has 5inches on its longest side. All files are at 300 dpi high resolution, without watermark. *Please note: This is a digital item and no physical item will be sent.

Color Math Wheels – Multiplication Graphic Math Clip Art – Inspire Your Kids to Learn! (Copy) (Copy)

A set of color multiplication wheels in png format ranging from x1 to x12. Graphics for educational clip art for teachers, home school parents, and those generating teaching materials. Worksheets, games and activities, posters, flashcards and other uses are ideal. Teachers can use the wheels to create fun and engaging multiplication worksheets and activities. For example, teachers could create a worksheet where students have to match the multiples of a number to the correct color. Home school parents can use the wheels to help their children learn their multiplication facts. For example, parents could print out the wheels and have their children practice matching the multiples of a number to the correct color. Anyone who creates teaching materials can use the wheels to add a visual element to their lessons. For example, a teacher could create a PowerPoint presentation on multiplication and use the wheels as illustrations.

Counting Butterflies Math Clip art | A Fun and Effective Way to Teach Math to Little Minds

Behold, an exuberant and vivid collection of BUTTERFLY COUNTING Clipart awaits you, brimming with joyous hues and accompanied by a delightful Bonus Separate Jar & Butterfly—tailor-made for little minds to embark on the journey of counting or to add a touch of whimsy to any classroom setting. Contained within this download are:
  • Imaginative depictions of COUNTING BUTTERFLIES ranging from 1 to 10.
  • A Bonus Jar & Butterfly, each presented as separate entities.
  • A comprehensive set comprising a total of 24 images, thoughtfully divided into 12 color variations and 12 black-and-white renditions.
  • Images meticulously preserved at 300dpi in png format, ensuring seamless layering and impeccable clarity.
This ensemble not only fosters a playful learning environment but also serves as a charming embellishment for educational spaces. The vibrant colors and intricately detailed illustrations captivate young learners, making the process of counting a delightful and visually engaging experience.

Counting Crayons Math Clipart | Color Your World with Fun | Math Resource for Teachers and Parents

Do you need high-quality counting images for your math resources? These counting crayons clipart images are exactly what you're looking for! You won't need to seek further with high-resolution photos for prints and smaller images for use as movable components included! These graphics can be used in materials to help children learn number sense, counting abilities, skip counting, repeated addition, multiplication and other skills. This Counting Clipart set includes the following images: There are 118 PNG pictures in all. 11 Counting crayons images: 0-10 crayons in a box Loose crayons in 15 colours (with an extra copy of gray crayon with “grey” spelling) Box front and back so you can place loose crayons between the layers so they are inside the box Each image has a black and white version, as well as an extra loose crayon with no color indication. 2 copies of each image – A high-resolution copy (300 dpi) for use in printable resources – A low-resolution copy for use as movable pieces in digital resources

Counting Stars in Button Math Clip Art – Inspire Your Kids to Learn!

Files come in PNG format 26 Individual files/ separate files ( high resolution 300 dpi, transparent background). Black and white version is also included.

Counting stars with buttons is a fun and educational math activity that can help children learn about numbers, counting, and patterns. This activity is simple to set up and can be modified to meet the needs of children of all ages.

To set up the activity, gather a variety of buttons in different colors and sizes. You can also use other small objects, such as beads, coins, or pebbles. Then, draw a star on a piece of paper.

Have your child count out a desired number of buttons and place them on the star. They can count the total number of buttons, the number of buttons of each color, or the number of buttons of different sizes.

Once all of the buttons are in place, your child can start exploring patterns. They can look for patterns in the colors, sizes, or arrangement of the buttons. They can also create their own patterns.

This activity is a great way to help children develop their math skills. It is also a fun and creative way to keep them entertained.

Counting Stars in Pencil Math Clip Art | Teach Kids to Count and Have Fun with Creative Creations

Pencils, both short and long. Math clip art for teaching children to count. It's also great for school and classroom craft and design projects. There is also a black and white version supplied. The files are in PNG format (300 dpi high resolution, transparent backdrop). Individual or independent files.

Cute Pink Christmas Snowman Clipart

You will get 8 PNG Cute Pink Christmas Snowman Clipart PNG files (300 DPI) This file has a resolution of 300 DPI and measures 3000 by 3000 pixels. This is excellent for printing. You can print on physical items such as shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, and cups...

Do-a-Dot Numbers Clip Art, Math Clipart Free Download

This delightful Do-a-Dot Numbers math clip art set includes 11 PNG images, each meticulously crafted for clarity and visual appeal. No watermarks, transparent backgrounds, and a high resolution of 300 dpi ensure that your creations will shine. What You Get:
  • 11 PNG images saved individually
  • No watermarks, ensuring a polished and professional look
  • Transparent background for seamless integration into your projects
  • High resolution (300 dpi) for crisp, clear visuals
  • Conveniently packaged in a ZIP file for easy access and organization
  Ideal for:
  • Worksheets and units
  • Bulletin boards and classroom displays
  • Flashcards for interactive learning
  • Posters and charts for visual aids
  • Games and activities that make learning fun
  • Digital scrapbook layouts for a touch of creativity
  • Craft items that add a personalized touch

Perfect for Homeschooling

Facilitate a dynamic learning environment at home with these versatile clipart images. Tailor your homeschooling materials to captivate young minds and turn every lesson into an exciting exploration. Make learning a joyous experience for kids with these vibrant and playful numbers. Watch as they eagerly engage with your educational content, thanks to the visual appeal of these delightful clipart images.

La Vie en Rose Pink Christmas Background Binder [108 + HD Images]


Imagine a Christmas wonderland where everything is pink. From the twinkling lights to the sparkling ornaments to the festive decorations,everything is bathed in a soft, rosy glow. This is the magic of a pink Christmas background.

Pink Christmas backgrounds are a unique and innovative way to create a festive and fun holiday atmosphere for family fun and kids' activities. By incorporating pink into your Christmas decorations, you can create a truly magical and memorable experience for your loved ones.

Pink Christmas sublimation clipart You will receive 108 + HD Images files
  • 6  PNG Vintage Pink Christmas Background
  • 23 PNG Pink Christmas Tree Backgrounds
  • 12 PNG Pretty Pink Christmas Background
  • 25 PNG Elegant Pink Christmas Backgrounds
  • 20+ JPG Winter Frames Pink Christmas Backgrounds
  • 15 PNG Boho Pink Christmas Backgrounds
  • 6 PNG Watercolor Pink Christmas Background
  • One DPI 3D Pink Christmas Winter Background
You can print on physical things such as stickers, mugs, t-shirts, invitation cards, patches, greeting cards, posters,  printable decorations, scrapbooking, wall art and much more.

Magician Math Clip Art Pack – 170+ Enchanting PNGs of Numbers, Tally, Dots, and More!


The Magician Math Clip Art pack includes the following:

  • Numbers 0-20
  • Tally count 0-20
  • Dot count 0-20
  • Words zero to twenty
Blank graphics for adding more numbers or creating additional projects Matching black and white graphics for all of the above Tailored for homeschooling environments, this clipart pack transforms learning into a magical experience. Watch as kids grasp mathematical concepts with joy and enthusiasm.  

Why Choose This Pack

Comprehensive Collection Covering numbers, tally count, dot countand words, Magician Math Clip Art Pack is a complete toolkit for educators, parents, and creators. Magical Aesthetics Each clipart piece is crafted with a touch of magic, ensuring that learning is not just educational but also visually enchanting. Versatility Use it for educational materials, craft projects, or even add a touch of magic to your homeschooling adventures. Ignite Curiosity Spark curiosity and a love for learning as children explore the mystical world of numbers with our captivating clipart.

Math Set School Reward Cliparts [ 15 PNG Math Clip art ]

15 PNG Digital Stickers, Math  Clip Art Set for Teacher and Student, Sticker Graphic with Math Theme, Math Set School Reward Cliparts Images Pack This is a PNG file that you may save to your PC, laptop, or any other device that can read picture files. 15 vibrant clipart images in the Math Set School Reward theme. Cartoon illustration style. Doodle for coloring, decoration, or any other artistic use. Excellent for craft projects, graphic design, printing, and so much more! The following files are included in one ZIP file: - 15 PNG images in the Math Set School Reward theme (all PNG are transparent background files with a size of 1500 x 1500 px and a resolution of 300 DPI).

Math Symbols Clip Art Graphic | Create Stunning Visuals for Your Math Resources

A collection comprising vibrant and monochromatic mathematical symbols is at your disposal. This assortment not only simplifies but enhances your experience in crafting math-related materials such as worksheets, cards and posters. Each symbol is meticulously presented as an independent file in PNG format, ensuring a transparent background. The resolution is set at 300 dots per inch (dpi), guaranteeing crisp and clear visuals. This versatile set of graphics is a valuable resource for educators, designers, and anyone engaged in creating math-centric content. Whether you're aiming for a burst of color or the simplicity of black and white, these symbols cater to your diverse needs, providing flexibility and creative freedom in your projects.