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InstaDreamer : The Inception remake and control your dream

Being aware of dreaming and having total control of your dreams is now possible easily thanks to Instadreamer. This smart health connected bracelet allows you to easily have lucid dreams.

Many people complain about not remembering their dreams or destabilizing dreams.The reality is we can increase it, mix it, virtualize it to arrive at a fictional but controllable reality. By contrast, the dream is a disposition of the mind that can not be molded as it pleases. However it would be possible to take control of our lucid dreams.

This is the challenge set by the Swiss start-up InstaDreamer by conceptualizing its eponymous product – a connected bracelet using Pavlovian conditioning to indulge in this type of reverie.

Ohhh let’s lift the veil on this “OCNI” (Unidentified Connected Object).

InstaDreamer induces lucid dreams

When you realize that you are dreaming, you can then take control of your dream and do what you want and go far beyond what the laws of physics do not allow you in normal times. So you can decide to fly like a bird and see the world from the sky, go in an instant, to the places of your choice or meet the people you want, etc.

Concretely, the connected bracelet InstaDreamer will analyze your sleep and detect the periods or you are dreaming. (We all have several dream phases during a night of sleep). Once the InstaDreamer has detected that you are dreaming, it will start to vibrate. This stimulus is going to be enough to wake up a small fraction of your subconscious (without waking you up completely) and allow you to realize that you are dreaming. This awareness will allow you to decide what to do with your dream and not to suffer it.

smart health device instadreamer connected 智慧医疗智慧健康设备

How does InstaDreamer work?

The first step of the bracelet is to condition yourself to these tests. Throughout the day, the bracelet will emit vibrations encouraging a reality test.

At night, InstaDreamer will analyze your sleep cycles thanks to its sensors (movement, pulse, temperature) to send a vibration to the appropriate moment of the triggering of a lucid dream by activating this conditioning.
Since you are in a dream, your subconscious identifies it and allows you to take total control instantly.

Beyond exploring her creativity, taking control of her lucid dreams would be overcome, improve her confidence, strengthen cognitive memory and in some cases reduce or even solve the problems associated with sleep apnea.
The reality test of pinching your nose may have been the best example :).

InstaDreamer also allows you to have a better sleep. Indeed, by analyzing your sleep cycles, it can wake you up at the best moment of your cycle for an easy wake up.

No Bluetooth, or activated WiFi during the night, the object is completely autonomous. It will synchronize the data on your smartphone (dedicated mobile application) during the day.

70% success from the first 3 days

According to the creators of the eponymous Start-up, the people who tested the InstaDreamer connected bracelet lived, 70%, their first lucid dream in the first 3 days they used the device. An excellent result that improves with time. It takes a certain amount of time for your brain to respond to the Pavlovian effect of stimulation. This is the most remarkable case of the bracelet uses neither electrodes nor headband that covers the eyes. The wearing of the bracelet does not come to ruin your sleep.

The InstaDreamer bracelet is the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that you can see here.

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