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Withings Activité Pop in the Review: strikingly unobtrusive sports watch

Withings Activité Pop Review: strikingly unobtrusive sports watch

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The Withings Activité Pop is one of very few fitness trackers that look like a normal watch at first glance – and on the second and third too. There is no display, just a large dial that, like any other analogue time iron, also shows the time – and another small pointer that the user has to drive from “0” to “100”.
  The detailed Review report reveals what is so “smart” about the Activité Pop and how the fitness tracker performs in practice. As already mentioned: The Activité Pop looks at first glance like an ordinary wristwatch in the lower price range. The case looks as if it were made from a plastic coated in matt metallic – and that is how it feels with its low weight of 37 grams. If you look at the back, you will be instructed better: This is “Stainless Steel”, which Withings has hardened using the PVD process. And indeed: Even after several weeks of use, the case of the watch still looks like new – even though it was not always treated with care. But more about durability later. Fortunately, the Withings Activité Pop has two connections for standard bracelets with a width of 18 millimeters at the top and bottom of the case. The supplied copy is made of silicone – and you can see that at first glance. Appropriately, the background of the clock face (I would have almost written “homescreen” here) is colored in one of the three color variants “bright azure blue”, “shark gray” or “wild sand brown”. No comment on the color names. If you replace the supplied silicone wristband with a fabric or leather strap here, you can significantly upgrade the fitness tracker. Alternatively, the French manufacturer offers also a set in the accessories from three silicone bracelets in “Orange”, “Plum” and “Teal” – unfortunately I couldn’t find the certainly entertaining German translations of these color names.
The Activité Pop survived unscathed in the rain for two nights and was not eaten by a wild boar.
By the way, we didn’t have any problems with the durability of our Review device. Do quite a few on the Internet User reports the round, according to which the mineral glass over the dial was broken without the use of force. However, the French manufacturer says that it is “open to our customers who have problems and offer them a free product exchange.” At this point, a small anecdote: I have the clock when biking in the forest when I collide with a tree unnoticed lost to that very thing and found it hanging on one of its branches two days later. The bracelet had detached from the case on one side, but could easily be attached again. Permanent damage to the watch: zero.
There is not much to say about operating the Activité Pop – the watch has no controls. To initiate the connection with the smartphone for the first time, there is a reset button on the back, which can be pressed using the supplied tool. And if you keep the watch still for five seconds and then tap twice, you will see the currently set alarm time. But more about the alarm clock later. Well, and then every morning the user starts with the little pointer at zero and has the primary goal of getting it to the 100 percent mark throughout the day. This brand consists of a self-imposed goal – the default is 10,000 steps. In addition to the number of steps, the Activité Pop also records the wearer’s sleep – however, this data can only be evaluated in the Withings HealthMate app or on the manufacturer’s website. Incidentally, the clock is also configured entirely via the application.
Timeline and dashboard: The HealthMate app offers two different overviews of the current services of the user.
At the market launch, Activité Pop only supported iOS, but the HealthMate app is now also available for Android. The applications look identical here and there – and clearly show the user the recently recorded data. If you have other devices from the Witihings universe, you will not only see the number of steps and length of sleep, but also weight, body fat percentage, air oxygen in the bedroom, pulse and so on. In addition, it is also possible to manually record values ​​for weight, blood pressure or heart rate. However, the Withings app does not offer a function for keeping a food diary. And the French manufacturer is also reluctant to make any statements about the calorie consumption of the user – at least in the app. But there are a few features from the gamification corner. In this way, the user can add other Withings users to a friend list and then fight with them for the largest number of steps. The HealthMate app also tries to motivate the user with the help of push messages. If you break your personal best, you get virtual trophies. On the other hand, if the user is lazy, the application lets the drill instructor hang out and comes around the corner with sayings such as “Did you take your foot off the pedal?”. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether that motivates or annoys them.
There were various connection problems in the Review on both iOS and Android. Here and there, the first connection of the Activité Pop with the smartphone worked perfectly. But afterwards it was no longer possible to synchronize the clock with the app. What finally remedied was a reset of the clock by pressing the reset button on the back five times. Incidentally, removing the battery does not help here. Then the tracker runs absolutely perfectly. And fortunately, the Activité Pop now automatically synchronizes itself with the smartphone. At the start of the market, it was necessary to open the app practically every day to avoid data loss: the Activité Pop only kept the tracked body data of the user for 37 hours. But even with regular auto-sync, you should make sure that the withing tracker is within range of a linked smartphone every day if there are no gaps in the tracking. As usual in this product category, the Withings app not only stores the body data locally on the smartphone, but also transfers it to the cloud. This has the advantage that you can also view your services in the browser on Here, there is essentially the same information as in the app – just a little clearer because it has been prepared over a large area. By the way, Withings recently revised the web interface. I like the result very much.
Slept, walked, lazed around: The new web interface clearly shows how actively you have spent your time.
Sorry, your data protection freaks: Unfortunately, there is no way to deactivate the mentioned cloud synchronization. However, I would not know any direct competitor product with which this is possible.
In this graphic, the user can see how active he was during the day.
The integrated pedometer is probably the central feature of the Acitivté Pop. After all, it is the one that drives the small hand on the watch from zero to one hundred – and ideally encourages the user to move more. At first glance, like all fitness trackers, the pedometer delivers sensible results across the board. In a direct comparison with other current trackers from Runtastic and FitBit, however, it is striking that the Activité Pop always only counts one to two thirds of the steps. The difference here is not inaccuracies when counting the actual steps, but in what lies in between. When rinsing, brushing teeth, writing reviews and so on, the Activité Pop simply counts significantly fewer steps than most rivals – regardless of whether it is worn on the left or right hand. When I go out the door and take 500 counted steps, they record almost all pedometers with a pleasantly little deviation.   The bottom line, however, is relatively unimportant. After all, the 6000 or 12,000 steps taken every day are only an abstract value and, at best, have meaning if you want to measure yourself against friends. The core goal of the pedometer, however, is that the user should simply increase in percentage. It doesn’t matter whether it doubles from 3000 or 6000 steps – twice as much is twice as much. The Activité Pop movement only rewards a little differently than many of its competitors.
In this context, it quickly becomes clear that the calorie consumption calculated by the various trackers is relatively meaningless if it is based solely on the number of steps and does not include the heart rate, for example. At Activité Pop, for example, I came up with 2224 calories (6431 steps) last Monday, while the FitBit Surge spits out 2808 Kcal (9013 steps). The next day it is 1665 Kcal (3477 steps) against 3033 calories (9870 steps). The truth is somewhere in between, but it should feel closer to the FitBit Surge results – otherwise I would have to gain weight faster with my current diet. Withings has announced a new feature for Activité Pop. With a future and free update, the watch should also serve as a swimming tracker. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if that’s a good idea. According to the manufacturer, the watch is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. However, when swimming, arm pressures sometimes result in significantly higher pressures than the associated five atmospheres. To DIN 8310 devices are only suitable for swimming from a water resistance of 10 atmospheres.
The following paragraph from the operating instructions does not necessarily give more courage: “Furthermore, the waterproofness of the watch can be affected by the increasing age of the materials. Permanent water resistance cannot be guaranteed. “ If you want to systematically monitoring your swimming performance, you should be happier with a dedicated swim wearable such as the Swimmo – you can find more details in Episode 34 of the NewsDrop at this point. As soon as the swim update is available, I will force the Activité Pop into the water and update the Review report here. According to the manufacturer, the update was planned for “end of April 2015”, but the versions 2.04.50 (Android) and 2.4.1 (iOS) we were using at the time of testing do not yet support the function.
At this point, the application informs the user about how well he slept that night.
The second major aspect that Withings Activité Pop captures in the life of its wearer is sleep – and its quality. Fortunately, the user does not have to let the watch know when he goes to bed or when he gets up. The tracker independently detects this based on the movement profile and uses it to record the total length of sleep, such as nighttime baby or pee trips. Based on the movements during sleep, the Activité Pop also records how much time the user spends in which sleep phases. We haven’t tested the Withings watch in a sleep laboratory. But in practice there is a clear connection between a lot of deep sleep, little sleep phase changes and fitness the next day. In a direct comparison with the FitBit Surge, the total sleep times are largely the same – and differ from reality at best in the single-digit minute range. The Withings Activité Pop does not have an integrated loudspeaker, but it does have a vibration motor. And this can be used to wake the wearer – at least in theory. Unfortunately, my sleep is so deep that I don’t even notice the buzzing on my wrist. I also have the same problem with the vibration alarm clock of the FitBit Surge. However, if you have a light sleep, the vibration alarm clock is definitely a nice feature – especially if you share the bed with a partner who can sleep longer. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell Activité Pop an appointment to wake up very late and then wake up in the cheapest possible sleep phase. The current Jawbone trackers such as the UP24 offer such a sleep phase alarm clock. To speak of a “battery life” at Withings Activité Pop is not strictly correct – the watch has no battery at all. Instead, the French manufacturer uses a standard C2025 watch battery that can also be easily replaced by the user. Cost: two to three euros. And don’t worry, the exchange does not even have to be carried out too often: According to Withings, the power storage lasts for a whopping eight months. Cheers to Bluetooth Low Energy – and the missing display. In practice, it is really refreshing to have such a wearable when you are constantly suffering from a latent lack of energy with your various gadgets. Interestingly, the battery stress factor for fitness trackers with a battery life of three to ten days is, by the way, higher than for smartphones, because there is no ritualized charging every evening, but rather a regular shit-again-no-no There is more electricity panic. To call the Withings Activité Pop a smartwatch is certainly a bit high. But she is smarter than most of her colleagues – and at the same time brings the benefit of the seemingly endless runtime from the “dummies” corner. Anyone who invests a few euros in a slightly fancier bracelet will have a rock-solid fitness tracker with the Withings Activité Pop for fair money, which does not support notifications or similar gimmicks, but reliably monitors the steps taken and sleep. A fancier alternative, which is also much more expensive at just under € 400, is the Withings Activité (without “Pop”), which is equipped with a polished 316L stainless steel case, sapphire crystal and a Barenia leather strap.
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Polar VS Fitbit VS Withings VS iHealth Four popular smart fitness trackers comparison

Polar VS Fitbit VS Withings VS iHealth Four popular smart fitness trackers comparison

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Fit for the new year: what does a fitness tracker need? What your fitness tracker should be able to do depends on your individual requirements. In our opinion, however, a few basic functions should definitely be on board. Which includes: ✔ Activity tracking ✔ Calorie count ✔ Movement memory ✔ sleep tracking ✔ An intuitive app With these basic functions, you always have the most important information in view, even in stressful everyday life. In our opinion, especially the movement memory is worth its weight in gold. Especially for those who mainly work in the office or sitting. A good app also prepares the recorded activities helpful. This is particularly important because the fitness tracker only has the most necessary space on the small displays.  

The comparison: Polar V800, Withings Steel HR, Fibit Ionic and iHealth Wave

At absmarthealth you will find numerous fitness bracelets and smartwatches with tracking functions, including the brands Polar, Withings, Fitbit and iHealth. In our comparison, we show you the entire range of functions – from the professional training watch to the simple fitness tracker. The following devices compete: the Polar V800, the Withings Steel HR, the Fitbit Ionic and the iHealth Wave. The good news first: all candidates master the basic functions smoothly. They reliably characterize your everyday activity. They remind you of more exercise during longer periods of inactivity and count your calories burned throughout the day. It should be mentioned that such information is always only an approximation. At the end of the day, all fitness trackers can expect a comparison in the manufacturer’s app. There you will also find information about your sleep quality and duration, among other things.

Withings Steel HR: Business and training in one device

Withings Steel HR occupies a special position among fitness trackers. At first glance, it looks like a normal wristwatch with a classic dial. Nevertheless, it does much more with its smart functions and is equally suitable for use in the office and in training. An interesting highlight is the heart rate measurement on the wrist. The use in swimming training is also convincing. If you mainly use yourself in the water, we advise you to use a suitably robust silicone wristband that survives the contact with the water undamaged. The watch also enables detailed training monitoring of up to 30 sports. Simply select at the push of a button before training, and off you go. But: You won’t find any integrated GPS with Steel HR. Instead, Withings relies on the so-called “connected GPS”. This is a smart interaction between the watch and smartphone. The latter then takes over the GPS functions and sends information such as your pace directly to the dial. The evaluation of the trainigns takes place clearly in the Health Mate app, in which other Withings products such as the body scales from the Body series are also integrated. By the way: As is the case for a good smartwatch, Withings Steel HR also informs you about messages, appointments or calls without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket. The Steel HR is made of stainless steel and is available in two sizes: one with a diameter of 36 mm and one with a diameter of 40 mm. You can also choose between a silver and a gold case as well as a black and white dial. Different bracelets made of leather and silicone are also available. ✔ Timeless design with an analog dial ✔ Wrist heart rate measurement ✔ Notification of messages and appointments ✔ Waterproof ✔ Multisport ✔ sleep tracker [content-egg module=CjLinks groups="Withings Steel HR"] [content-egg-block template=offers_list_groups groups="Withings Steel HR"]  

Fitbit Ionic: the smartwatch all-rounder

The Fitbit Ionic is one of the smartwatches with the largest range of functions. Your integrated GPS reliably records your speed and your route. The smart training companion automatically recognizes the sport that you are currently practicing. It automatically starts running mode and GPS as soon as you start your half-marathon training, for example. The device also knows how to convince in swimming training. Incidentally, the Ionic measures the pulse rate precisely on your wrist. An additional chest strap is not necessary for this. The smartwatch runs with the Fitbit OS operating system, in which such useful apps as Runkeeper are already integrated. However, the focus is still on the US market, so the selection is still a bit clear for us in Germany. In connection with your smartphone the Fitbit Ionic informs you about your appointments, messages and calls. A highlight for us: On the Fitbit Ionic there is a music player in which you can store your music and enjoy it wirelessly using Bluetooth headphones. The smartphone therefore stays at home during training. Another unique selling point: guided breathing exercises that provide additional relaxation during the training break. ✔ GPS ✔ Waterproof ✔ Automatic sports recognition ✔ Multisport ✔ Integrated music player ✔ Third party apps ✔ sleep tracker [content-egg-block template=offers_list_groups groups="Fitbit Ionic"]

Polar V800: The training smart watch for professionals

Are you looking for a companion who will push you to the Ironman in Hawaii if necessary? Then the Polar V800 is the right choice for you. The training watch offers you everything you need for effective training: a fast and precise GPS sensor, numerous training programs, different pace and heart rate zones and much more. You will receive a smart coach that will bring you new top performances. The Polar V800 is waterproof and therefore also suitable for swimming training. Different profiles for different sports also enable your very own personal training. Incidentally, the heart rate is measured using a separate chest strap, which is not included in the scope of delivery, but works very precisely. So if you are motivated to train for a big goal like a marathon, you should definitely think about a chest belt. So you always have your very own personal comfort zone in view. The Polar V800 is also compatible with other accessories: cadence and speed sensors monitor your training on the bike, for example, and offer you even more evaluation options. This makes the Polar V800 in combination with the free Polar Flow app a powerful training center. We find the function of the targeted competition time particularly clever. Based on your training, it calculates a target time for the competitions you want to contest. ✔ GPS sensor ✔ Multisport ✔ Waterproof ✔ Detailed training programs ✔ GPS routes can be imported ✔ sleep tracker

iHealth Wave: minimalist and affordable

Last but not least: The iHealth Wave. This is a very classic fitness tracker. But for someone who shows his strengths especially in the swimming pool. Because it not only counts the lanes, but also automatically recognizes your swimming style. Extremely practical for everyone in whom swimming is a regular sport. In addition to the Fitness Tracker Wave, the iHealth brand also offers other useful health products. These include blood glucose meters, scales and blood pressure monitors. The iHealth MyVitals app serves as the control center for all measurements. ✔ Waterproof ✔ Automatic swimming style detection ✔ sleep tracker [content-egg-block template=offers_list_groups groups="iHealth Wave"]  

Conclusion: Which smart fitness tracker for you?

Do you only need the basic functions like activity log, sleep tracking and movement reminder? Then you can safely take the iHealth Wave. The fitness tracker with its swimming analyzes is also particularly interesting for swimmers. Withings Steel HR proves that business and sport don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The combination of an analog dial with an LCD display for important training data such as pulse rate and pace makes the Steel HR unique. Although it does not have an integrated GPS, it can be quickly connected to a smartphone during training. It is also waterproof and is also suitable for personal swimming training. However, we recommend an additional silicone wristband to protect the leather wristband. However, if you are looking for a waterproof smartwatch with extensive training functions, the Fitbit Ionic is a good choice. It combines smartwatch convenience with its own apps and notification functions, including precise GPS and pulse rate measurement on the wrist. With the training programs you can quickly improve your performance. The integrated music player makes you completely independent of your smartphone during training. Since it is waterproof, it is also suitable for water sports. The Polar V800, on the other hand, plunges deep into the training theory. It offers the most extensive training programs of our comparison candidates and thus enables very targeted training on the street and in the swimming pool. Additional sensors from the Polar product range expand the V800 for optimal training on the bike. The Polar V800 is the right training partner for ambitious hobby athletes and competitive athletes if a detailed training analysis is to be carried out.

The most important functions at a glance:

Polar V800 Withings Steel Fitbit Ionic iHealth Wave
Activity tracking
Pulse rate measurement ✘(only with separate chest strap)
Integrated GPS
Training programs
Movement memory
Calorie count
Sleep tracker
Suitable for swimming
Equipment Cadence sensor, Speed sensor, stride sensor
Display Monochrome LCD display Dial with LCD display Colored LCD display Monochrome LCD display
Battery power Up to 13 hours of training time up to 5 days in GPS power saving mode Up to 5 days in training mode up to 50 hours in GPS power saving mode Up to 10 hours of training time up to 25 days in normal operation Up to 5 days
APP Polar Flow Health Mate Fitbit App iHealth MyVitals

Withings BPM Core review -ECG,blood pressure and stethoscope 3-in-1 for your health monitoring

Withings BPM Core review -ECG,blood pressure and stethoscope 3-in-1 for your health monitoring

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Withings, the French company, spent a while under the bosom of Nokia, has just launched its blood pressure monitor-electrocardiogram-stethoscope intelligent Withings BPM Core after its presentation at CES in January 2019. It is the most advanced version currently in the connected smart health armband category.

This release is completed by BPM Connect, a more economical version which is the update of the Withings BPM model.

Withings BPM Core will help you reduce your doctor visits.Why use the BPM Core rather than another blood pressure monitor?

The device has received the compulsory authorizations from the EU thanks to its development in collaboration with the cardiologists of the major hospitals Georges-Pompidou and Antoine-Béclère.

The BPM Core connected armband will help you to follow precisely at home or when traveling. Thus, it makes it possible to detect three most frequent cardiovascular diseases:

1.Hypertension which affects more than 40% of people over 25
2.Atrial fibrillation causing 1/3 of stroke
3. Valvular heart disease which concerns 5% of people over 65

An effective way to detect masked hypertension and help control nocturnal hypertension. As well as preventing heart and stroke risks thanks to the medical precision of the results displayed.
If in doubt, you can quickly send your readings to your doctor, including your blood pressure history and ECG records.

Design and use

The BPM Core is a connected fabric cuff that embeds several technologies:

.A blood pressure sensor
.3 stainless steel electrodes for the stethoscope
.Sensor with digital microphone with silicone membrane and stainless steel base
.A touch screen LED
.Battery rechargeable battery with USB C to USB cable which provides autonomy up to 6 months.

An overall weight of 430 g. The size of the cuff is suitable for an arm with a circumference between 17 and 22 cm.

You can use the cuff alone or better combined with the free Withings Health Mate app on your smartphone or tablet.

How to take measurements with the BPM Core?

You place the cuff on your biceps and make sure the stethoscope is in contact with your chest (even with a light garment on you)
You press the measurement button.
At the prompt of the LCD screen, you put your fingers of the opposite hand on the stainless steel sensor.

After 90 seconds you get the three measurements which are synchronized directly on your mobile. Then a color code for each measurement tells you if all is well. You can read the simple results on the LED screen or detailed on your smartphone or tablet.

Withings BPM Core features

Blood pressure and heart rate, in accordance with European standards for medical devices.
Systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
. Accurate at +/- 3 mmHg or 2% of the heart rate measurement.

The BPM Core has a cuff that measures your blood pressure to a level of clinical quality. The blood pressure readings are displayed on the device itself with a color code indicating whether the blood pressure is normal, moderate or too high.

.Electrocardiogram records ECG and detects atrial fibrillation.

In addition to blood pressure, he will now take ECG (electrocardiogram) readings and can be used to identify serious heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation.

.Electronic stethoscope listens to your heartbeat and detects heart valve disease.

Another novelty is the digital stethoscope which can help in the early detection of valvular heart disease. It is an injury to one of the four heart valves, which may require surgery.

BPM Core a connected blood pressure monitor

The BPM Core works with iOS and Android smartphones and has a rechargeable battery which is good enough for hundreds of measurements on a single charge. All Withings BPM Core data, including audio recordings from the heart, can be shared with your doctor or health care professional.

The free app is compatible with devices running iOS 10+ or ​​Android 6. +

Automatic Wi-Fi synchronization of results which are immediately available via the Withings Health Mate
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
.Up to 8 registered users for personalized follow-up
The data is compatible with the Apple Health app
Automatic reminders of your measurements.
Listen to the beating of your heart.
.Send your ECG reading to your doctor

As the data is stored in the cloud, you can also consult your data on the Withings website.

Price and availability of BPM Core and BPM Connect

The Withings BPM Core is guaranteed for 2 years, available now on the Withings website for $ 249.95.

This time for customers in North America, it will have to wait until it has received FDA approval. If all goes well, it should arrive later this year.

The more affordable version with BPM Connect

BPM Connect joins Core, which is an updated version of Withings BPM. It now has an LED display, so you no longer need your phone nearby to view the data. Information can now be synchronized with the Withings Health Mate via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which was not possible with its predecessor.

It has been approved by the FDA and complies with the EU to offer precise measurements of heart rate and blood pressure. BPM Connect is sold at $99.95.

Withings BPM core competitors

The renowned Omron blood pressure monitors  which offer compatibility with Amazon Alexa. The high-end Omron Evolv is comparatively “only” at $109 .
The Withings BPM first generation also at $109 .
There are many cheap blood pressure monitors online (from $20 ), the reliability of the results is however much less reliable.

Conclusion BPM Core

Certainly to date the most complete connected cuff for individuals. The device is very simple to use. The data is easy to read and understand and convenient to transport, wireless and with a battery life of 6 months.

An ideal device for preventive health. Its price significantly higher than its competitors (certainly less complete) causes hesitation. In this case the BPM Connect version is there.

There is also the confidentiality of your health data, which is stored unlimited in the Withings cloud. From my point of view local storage would have been preferable.

Withings Body vs Withings Body Cardio: Which Withings scale is better?

Pulse O2 Review, the Withings smart health connected bracelet

Pulse O2 Review, the Withings smart health connected bracelet

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A few months ago, we got the Pulse O2, the latest version of the Withings smart health bracelet. It adds new features (oxygen rate, Bluetooth 4.0 …) that we tested at length. Here is the full Withngs Pulse O2 Review after two months of use.

The box in which the Pulse O2 is wrapped is much more design than that of the Jawbone UP24, and the orange highlights the content. The packaging is pretty good.Finds the small sensor, the adjustable rubber strap in which the sensor and the clip to wear on the belt. The sensor fits very well into the bracelet, and it is firmly attached to it: there is no risk of losing it. Withings specifies that the sensor can also be easily placed in a pocket. Clever, but risky when you know that it is not completely waterproof and that a washing machine is not far (it resists splashing from the shower).

The lower part of the packaging hides the USB cable for recharging the sensor via a computer. There is no possibility of recharging it from the mains: the autonomy of the bracelet has been checked, it is around 7 days. Charging takes approximately one hour. It leaves a lot of flexibility

Installation of the Withings bracelet

The sensor in question has a single button located on the upper part of it. It allows you to force synchronization (press it for 3 seconds), turn on the screen (OLED) and scroll through statistics in real time. At the back of the small case, there is a optoelectronic sensor which measures the heart rate and the level of oxygen in the blood when you put your finger on it. The principle is the same as for a fingerprint sensor …

Without a “paper” explanation guide, the Withings box immediately offers to connect to for installation. Once on this page, I am offered to download the group’s iOS application, Health Mate. This application allows you to group all the data of the group’s products such as the blood pressure monitoring, the balance, aura or the Pulse O2.

Installation of Health Mate application, Pulse O2
Installation of the Health Mate application

As with the Jawbone UP24, thesensor installation is quick and intuitive, it will only take a few minutes to complete it. First I have to choose between “installing a device” or “using my iPhone’s sensors to measure its data” (the application can also use the iPhone as an activity tracker, and it’s completely free …). The list of Withings devices appears, I select the Pulse O2. The application then asks me to press the button located above the Pulse O2 to synchronize with the smart health connected bracelet. At that time, a small “Hello” appears on the screen, then the Bluetooth logo confirms the synchronization. It’s okay, in a few seconds the iPhone has detected the device, I only have about create my account on Health Mate.

Pulse O2 detection with iPhone
The Withings bracelet is detected

I am asked in particular my age, weight, height and gender. Pulse O2 adapts the number of calories burned and the distances traveled according to these parameters, for even more precision. The application then updates the Pulse O2 internal software for a few minutes … and it’s ready!

Installing the Health Mate app
Information to enter on the Health Mate App

We can then see a small tutorial of 5 slides which briefly explains how the Pulse O2 works: recorded data (steps, altitude, distance, calories, heart rate and time) touch screen (swiper to see the history), how to measure the frequency cardiac and explanations of automatic synchronization (Bluetooth 4.0).

Pulse O2 operation

In itself, the operation of the bracelet is quite simple: by pressing the button a first time, the screen turns on and displays the number of steps. To see the history of the number of steps taken during the last 10 days, you have to swipe the screen from left to right. By sliding it (from the reception) from right to left, you can see the speed achieved.

To see the other statistics, you need press the button again located on the top of Pulse O2: the first statistic displayed is the elevation, Then distance traveled and then the number of calories burned. For each of these modes, it is possible to view the history of the last 10 days by swiping the screen from left to right. The principle and simple, the display is basic, but at least we can have a good idea of ​​its performance of the day versus its history a little longer term. The last display is the time (he replaces the watch) and the name of the bearer.

Pulse O2 also displays the time
Pulse O2 also displays the time

It is important to note that the screen is really not readable when in the sun (the characters do not stand out). Between the old version and the new, Withings thought of adding the vertical display. BUT, problem: the vertical display is only available for the first screen (which displays the number of steps). All the others remain horizontal … In short, like a taste of unfinished … To manage the orientation of the screen, you must go to the application (unfortunately it is not possible to do it from the sensor). From the menu, select the “My devices” tab, click on the Pulse O2 and modify this parameter in “Personalization of the screens”.

Choice in Pulse display
Choice in display

Heart rate and oxygen

Next comes a screen where device left a heart, and right a moon. The first corresponds to the measurement of oxygen in the blood and the heart rate, while the moon represents the “sleep” mode. Withings wanted to make Pulse O2 a real companion for athletes, and integrates two features that are not among its main competitors: the more the user manages to lower his heart rate, the more he improves his physical condition (strengthening of the heart) . The oxygen level in the blood is particularly useful for hikers and mountaineers (hence the advantage of measuring altitude as well), which allows them to avoid hypoxia (lack of oxygen). For city dwellers, these two features are therefore not very relevant…

How do you measure this with the Pulse O2? First, we have to press gently on the heart displayed on the screen. Then, a small red LED lights up on the back of the case: you have to place your finger on the optoelectronic sensor for ten seconds and then see the green LED light up. At that time, the data is displayed on the screen. The handling is a bit perilous, because not only do you have to remove the sensor from the bracelet, but you have to click in parallel in front and behind – in short, I let you imagine the scene, I had to try it twice. Finally, we must obtain a result close to this:

Pulse O2 heart rate
Heart rate and blood oxygen level

To be honest, the measurements seem a bit approximate : On the display above, my pulse was 115 beats per minute (BPM) and my oxygen level was 90%. A few seconds later, I repeated the operation and my oxygen level was 97% … Without really knowing what is “normal” and what is “not normal”, I inquired on the internet: between 90% and 95%, pulsed saturation is recognized as “low”, while above 95%, it is “normal”.


What about sleep? To monitoring your sleep (light / heavy sleep phase / wake up), you will have to press the heart for a few seconds, which is displayed on the sensor menu. Night mode is triggered by switching to “ON” mode. Like waking up, you can switch to “OFF” mode. Note that unlike all its competitors, the Pulse O2 automatically detects when you wake up in the morning: no need to deactivate night mode when waking up. A real joy.

Operation of the mobile application

The Health Mate mobile app is renowned for being a good physical activity sensor, measuring distances and calories without even needing a physical sensor. It is therefore based on the same principle as a RunKeeper app. Except that Health Mate is really trying to be a “healthy companion”. There is also a web interface under which is particularly well done.
Web interface:

The application revolves around a butterfly (which is none other than its logo) with 4 wings whose objective is to visually explain different aspects of its health: weight, physical activity, sleep and heart. By clicking on “activity”, you will get some recommendations, but also all the devices available to monitoring your physical activity. In this case, you will have the Pulse O2 (which is already added since I already installed it), but RunKeeper or BodyMedia (an activity sensor armband) are also compatible. For those who do not have a bracelet, that’s the point!

The Health Mate butterfly
The Health Mate butterfly

By clicking on the “heart”, it is advisable to follow at least twice a week the heart rate (which I did not do). Only the Pulse O2 allows it, there is no other compatible device. For “sleep”, a recommendation on the number of hours slept in the last week. Unfortunately, I forgot my bracelet one night, which distorted the statistics – too bad. Finally, the “weight” part is rather intended for those who would have the WS-50, or who would enter their weight manually on a daily basis – which I do not do.

Anyway, there is this indicator, but we can also find a complete timeline, or a dashboard that summarizes everything. On the application, it is also possible to challenge a friend (if we have one who uses this service…).

PulSe O2 and Jawbone UP24 comparison

In order to compare each of the two bracelets, I therefore decided to wear them both on the same arm for several consecutive days. I must admit that the statistics were sometimes very variable, without much explanation. I will not agree with any of them, it would be necessary to measure with a third to decide between them.

On the day of Saturday August 2, the same distance was recorded on each of the bracelets (within 10 meters!). However, it is on the number of steps that the shoe pinches: 14.108 at Jawbone, against 12.833 on Health Mate, or difference of almost 10%. Same on calories: 836 “active” at Jawbone and 481 at Withings.

Conclusion: my opinion on the Pulse O2

After almost two months on our wrist, we finally a little used to design Pulse O2. The problem is that such a thick and wide bracelet is difficult to put next to a watch (on the same wrist) – unlike the Jawbone which is much more happening everywhere. Same for the Fitbit Flex or the Nike Fuelband, they are more discreet.

We still really appreciated being able to monitoring my statistics (in figures) on the sensor live, which the competition does not really do. When I go running, it also gives me the time. The potentially replaces a watch. We can however regret that there is only one vertical display for the number of steps (incomplete?), and you have to turn your head every time you want to read the other performances on your wrist. In addition, it is cannot read data in direct sunlight.

The Health Mate application is well done, I admit that the small badges that we can win (eg 10,000 steps, 12,000 steps, 42km…) do not motivate that much, but it’s always interesting to have such an update. The timeline, and the different displays are really well thought out, I widely understand that the application is successful even with those who do not have a Pulse type sensor. Also, the fact that it automatically detects waking up in the morning is a real asset.

Unfortunately I could not try the “challenge a friend” feature. But hey, to be honest, its Jawbone equivalent didn’t wow me more than that …

On the price side, the Pulse O2 is in the middle of the range: slightly more expensive than the Fitbit Flex ($99 ), but cheaper than the Jawbone UP24 (149 $). You can find the best prices in real time in the table opposite.

Withings Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker + Sleep and Heart Rate Monitoring, Black

$139.99  in stock
as of 2022 22Asia/ShanghaipmTue, 13 Sep 2022 17:22:16 +0800 9 09202293005 13 13pm22 pm5:22


  • Activity tracking steps, elevation, distance and calories burned
  • Instant Heart Rate measurement. Sleep quality monitoring
  • Please make sure that your mobile device is compatible with the Withings Pulse Ox. Please charge it for at least two hours. After charging it, press the button for 15 seconds. At this point, it can take up to a minute for your Withings Pulse Ox to start.
  • iPhone (3GS or later), iPad (except the original iPad – App not iPad optimized) or iPod touch (4th generation or later), with iOS 6.0 or later and Internet access (mobile data or Wi-Fi). Bluetooth-enabled Android smartphone or tablet with Android 2.3.3 or later, Internet access (mobile data or Wi-Fi)
  • The product may not work if exposed to water

 Smart Be Well Review

Withings reviews -Complete Guide and comparison of Withings brand

Withings reviews -Complete Guide and comparison of Withings brand

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Withings reviews – What is Withings?Is it worth buying Withings?How do you think about Withings?

For nearly ten years, the innovative technology in smart health market has seen the emergence of a new brand that is gaining momentum: Withings. Quickly, it was able to nest in the midst of market leaders. Its greatest strength lies in the diverse connected objects it offers: it can range from a simple watch to a medical tool, such as the blood pressure monitor. Thanks to its varied range, it is today one of the most influential brands in the field of connected objects.

Withings is a French brand that designs, develops and markets intelligent applications as well as products that facilitate daily life, such as its range of Withings connected watches. The company was founded in June 2008 and its headquarters are located in Issy-les Moulineaux.

What does Withings really offer?

First, in “basic” objects, it is possible to find many models of connected watches. Depending on your budget, your needs and your desires, you are guaranteed to find a smartwatch that suits you perfectly. The models vary greatly from one range to another, going from the “sport” bracelet to the “traditional” watch. Thanks to these, you can find all of your news on your wrist: messages, calls, notifications from social networks. For the more athletic among you, you will also have the possibility of tracking your daily activities: running, calories expended, distance traveled or the number of steps you have taken. In this way, you can see the evolution of your health at a glance!

And health can also be connected

Withings is one of the rare brands to offer complementary objects to follow your evolution. Withings watches have many features like monitoring and analyzing weight, heart activity, the environment, physical activity, blood oxygen level and sleep quality. The brand offers a wide range of smart products, including its Pulse Ox bracelets, its Go activity tracker, and its Withings Activity, Activity Pop and Activity Steel smart watches. All these watches are dedicated to fitness and monitoring the quality of sleep of the wearer. After discovering this selection, your Withings connected watch will never leave you!

You can also find connected scales. It will not just give you your weight, but additional and valuable information. So, once on the scale, you will have the opportunity to know your body composition, your body mass index, your fat mass; muscle; bone and water! A real resource of information directly at home, so you can adopt a healthier lifestyle if necessary. Obviously, you will find all this information in the form of curves, to know your evolution.

Perhaps the reason that Withings stands out from the competition is because it really takes your needs into account by providing you with the right solutions. Because to have a complete follow-up of your health, the brand also offers you thermometers as well as connected blood pressure monitors. The first will allow you to quickly take your temperature and keep a history directly on your smartphone. As for the second, it works the same way, allowing you to have a constant eye on your health from your phone, but also to share it easily with your doctor.

Finally, your health also depends on your sleep, and that, Withings has understood! It puts at your destination a connected alarm clock operating under color LED, which does not attack the eyes when lying down or waking up. It is provided with a sensor, to be placed between your box spring and your mattress. Your doctor will analyze your sleep cycles and your heart rate. Once again, you will have a summary of all your nights directly on your mobile.

Why choose Withings?

It’s simple ! All Withings products have one thing in common: their adaptability. Yes, you will always be the one who decides on the use of your connected object by simply modifying its parameters. Nothing is fixed, it is you who make your own choices!

In addition, it offers you useful and necessary connected objects that will allow you to keep an eye on your physical health in just a few clicks!

Withings is at your service!

Withings reviews for different products

BPM Core Withings reviews -blood pressure monitoring electrocardiogram and stethoscope

Withings Steel HR Sport Review -a smart health watch optimized for sports

Withings Body Cardio Balance Review

Smart health connected Withings thermometer Complete Review

Noble Withings Steel HR Smart health watch Review and comparison

Withings Activité Pop watch: Review, price and characteristics

Review of the Withings Move ECG watch

Withings Sleep Review, sleep tracker of your nights and sensor for Smart health home

Withings Aura Smart Sleep Tracker Review

Pulse O2 Review, the Withings smart health connected bracelet

Timeless Chic by Withings: Full Review – Accessories

Review of the Withings Move watch, the 100% customizable smart health connected watch


Best Prices of Withings

Review withings Steel HR: our full review – smart health connected Watches / Bracelet

Withings Steel HR review – an Elegant and comfortable smart health connected Watches

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The Withings Steel HR is the most advanced smartwatch of the brand owned by Nokia. This is your first analog smart health watch which features that you would expect from a current activity watch. It is indeed a product that takes the base of its predecessors, but which adds the monitoring of heart rate and the display of notifications, while offering a large autonomy and a design that does not distort the habits of Withings .

Free Shipping on orders over $115 USD at!

Ends: 2020 20Asia/ShanghaipmThu, 31 Dec 2020 14:59:00 +0800 12 122020123102 31 31pm20

Elegant and comfortable

The Withings Steel HR remains true to the style of its predecessors: a design that is both sober and elegant, with impeccable finishes in stainless steel. At the back of this Steel HR is a two-LED heart rate monitoring.

What surprises at first glance is its thickness. Indeed, it is a little more massive than previous watches since it is 1.3 cm where the Steel was only 1.1 cm. Despite this difference, it remains fairly discreet once hung on the wrist. Visually, it is indeed very far from most sports watches.

There are several models, one with a diameter of 36 mm, available with a black screen (which corresponds to the one tested) or white, and the other 40 mm only in black. Its strap is made of the most classic black silicone and can be changed with ease. They are available on the Withings website, if you prefer to opt for a leather bracelet at 80 euros or a simple silicone bracelet like the original, offered at 30 euros.

Analog and digital dials

The watch screen, in addition to its main dial which shows the time analogically, has a small 1.1 cm analog dial on the bottom of the watch. It is dedicated to activity, and more specifically to your progress towards your daily step goal. It’s convenient, at a glance you know where you are.

The novelty, of course, is the small digital dial on the upper part of the screen. Offering the same diameter as that described above. He is the one who displays all the data like heart rate, number of steps, etc. With the button on the right of the dial, you can scroll through your different statistics. Backlit, it is not always on, however. After about twenty seconds, you will need to press the dial button to turn the screen back on.

New features

Steel HR has the advantage of monitoring your heart rate continuously, day and night. A feature interesting especially during your exercises. For this specific case, just hold down the button on the left of the dial, it will emit a small vibration and start the timer for your training sessions and display your heart rate. Ideal for keeping an eye on it and adjusting the intensity of your activity if necessary. But the sensor also records a curve even outside of your sports sessions to monitoring your rhythm throughout your day and thus better prevent problems.

The other big news is the possibility to receive notifications of your calls, SMS and calendar events directly from the digital screen. The watch will show you the name or phone number of your contact who is trying to reach you thanks to a horizontal scroll and two light vibrations.

The Withings Steel HR records information about your sleep and in particular the quality of it: its duration, but also the different phases of sleep, whether light or deep. The Smart Wake-Up functionality is designed to wake you up at the best time in your waking hours … That is to say, depending on your sleep cycle, the alarm will go off at the most appropriate time. Yes, because the sleep phase you are in when you wake up plays a major role in your mood … We were talking about this in more detail a little while ago.

The Withings watch is waterproof to 5 ATM, in other words 50 meters deep, but does not have a GPS chip.

The app: Health Mate

With the Health Mate app, I had fun adjusting the hands of the watch using the touchscreen on my smartphone. The two devices connect using Bluetooth technology. In your timeline, you can also find all the data collected with your watch. You will thus find information on your activity such as a sports session, but also on your sleep, through different graphs.

At the top of the main screen of the application, tabs offer quick access to the essentials. You can consult and modify your alarm, consult your objectives such as your daily number of steps with a percentage of your progress, your target weight and it can be added a new Nutrition tab, in order to count calories. All you have to do is accept the offer to download the dedicated Myfitnesspal app for free. After installing it, you link your Myfitnesspal account to the Health Mate app. It’s quick and you can create an account with Facebook.

The application has the merit of offering support for the data it collects. It gives us indications on the objectives which allows us to find what suits us best. This is the case for the number of daily steps for example, which is ideally 10,000 steps, 11,000 corresponds to a hockey game, etc. For the weight, we find the follow-up of our evolution, but also the BMI index to better locate and choose a good goal to achieve while staying in the recommended area and avoid overweight or undernutrition.

It is also possible to challenge friends every Monday and for a whole week. The goal is to take as many steps as possible. And to coach you a little more, the application offers you badges to collect when you exceed the levels like a certain number of steps.

Finally, it is through the application that the parameters of the watch are adjusted, such as the brightness or the information to scroll in the mini digital dial. It is also with her that SMS or call notifications can be activated. To do this, simply go to the My Devices section. It must be ensured that the Bluetooth of your phone is obviously activated. Personally, I have encountered difficulties with this function. The search for the watch was difficult, which asked me to try it several times and to deactivate and reactivate the Bluetooth connection.

Fluid, colorful, ergonomic and well thought out, the application offered by Withings is pleasant to use. The essential information is directly accessible, the tabs allow a good organization of the data and the few indications on the objectives to be reached are welcome. Health Mate is compatible with Android 6 Marshmallow and above and iOS.

Note that it is even possible to combine other products offered by the company.

A good smart health connected ally for activity monitoring

The Withings Steel HR is an easy-to-wear watch: rather elegant in its genre, discreet, you almost forget it on your wrist. For several days, I did not need to part with it. So I kept it without problem at night and in the shower since, remember, the watch is waterproof.

I have had some problems with measuring the heart rate. If throughout the day it seems to be working well, it sometimes happens that the sensor panics by itself, going from 85 to … 131! 131, while I was quietly lying down and rested. I even noted sometimes 45, switching to 85 … Suffice to say that the heart rate monitoring is not always very precise or accurate.

If you can no longer bear the violence of your alarm clock, the tasteless ringtones offered natively on your smartphone or that by dint of hearing your favorite music every morning you end up hating it, then the alarm clock option may interest you. With a simple silent vibration, the Withings Steel HR gently wakes you up. Afterwards, if you’re more of a type who doesn’t hear your alarm clock right away, it may not be enough to wake you up.

As for the so-called intelligent alarm clock which detects the best sleep phase to wake us up … I am not convinced. Especially since for this to be relevant it is necessary to leave a certain margin and personally, not knowing in advance if I will wake up half an hour before or after the usual time, it will not fix my organization of the morning…

An enduring watch

Good new side autonomy of the watch, no battery as in the previous model. The Steel HR incorporates a battery. It is recharged using a USB cable which includes a proprietary support where it is enough to clip the back of the watch using a magnet system. Small black point however, the association is not very easy. However, the need for the watch to be recharged is so occasional that it is not such an embarrassing detail.

The watch offers 25 days of autonomy for non-sporting use. And it is true that unlike others, the watch does not need to be recharged every other day. With a few small sports sessions, the watch lost just under 40% in the space of five days.

Date and price

The Withings Steel HR has been available since the end of 2016. Its launch price is $190 for its 36 mm version and $200  for the 40 mm version.


Withings Body Vs Withings body Cardio: Smart scales with a heart for your health

Withings Body review Vs Withings body Cardio: Smart scales with a heart for your health

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Nothing is permanent in the digital age. Least of all the functionality of smart hardware, which changes again and again due to software updates. This also applies to the popular model of smart scales called Body Cardio. Last year, the interim brand owner Nokia removed an important health function from a distance. After buying back the smart healthcare business, manufacturer Withings has now added them back. Reason enough to update my experience report of the smart health scales from the beginning of 2023 as well. That’s how much I like the current software version of the Withings Body Review.& Withings body cardio.

The Withings Body incorporates all the technological advances developed within Withings in recent years. What improvements have been made since Withings’ pioneering connected scales, the WS-30 and Smart Body Analyzer?

The Withings Body: for whom and at what price?

Withings Body, a connected scale for all ages

Whether you are attentive to your weight, athletic or simply curious about your health, the Withings Body is aimed at all audiences.

Thanks to the many sensors it has, the Withings Body offers you a tailor-made experience and weight monitoring to always keep in shape.

Available in two colors, the classic white and black, the connected scale is offered at the affordable price of  $59.95.

Withings Body - Smart Weight & BMI Wi-Fi Digital Scale with smartphone app, Black

$59.99  in stock
2 used from $49.15
Free shipping
as of 2022 22Asia/ShanghaiamThu, 15 Sep 2022 08:04:42 +0800 9 09202293008 15 15am22 am8:04


  • ADVANCED WEIGHT MONITORING - See progress during each weigh-in with the weight trend screen to help you see the big picture, plus BMI to know if you are on the right track.
  • MULTI-USER FRIENDLY - Up to 8 users can weigh themselves and access their personal weight histories, as the scale automatically recognizes who's who.Stores up to 16 readings if scale cannot sync wirelessly.WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, compatible with WEP/WPA/WPA2-personal networks
  • FOR EVERY STAGE OF LIFE - Keep track of the whole family’s growth with Pregnancy Tracker (healthy weight gain range and obstetrician-reviewed advice) and Baby Mode, to track the youngest members.
  • PATENTED POSITIONING AID TECHNOLOGY - Exclusive Position Control Technology guides you into the correct stance so that each weigh-in is precise up to 0.1 kg / 0.2 lbs

The seven key features of the Withings Body

.Withings Body gives you your body mass index (BMI).
.It provides you with the trend of your weight over the past eight days.
.You can follow this weight gain or loss curve directly on your smartphone through the Health Mate app.
.The smart scale recognizes up to eight different users, including babies.
.Pregnancy mode allows pregnant women to benefit from personalized advice on their weight gain.
.Integrate weight goals into the Health Mate application and you can follow your progress automatically, via your wifi or Bluetooth, on your Withings Body scale.
.Finally, the Withings Body gives you the weather for the day, which will allow you to choose your clothes well to start the day.

Again with pulse wave speed: This is what the Withings Body Cardio Review

Externally, the Withings Body Cardio is an adornment in the bathroom of every design lover in the Review. With its slim aluminum base without feet, the striped surface and the slightly milky cover glass, my white Review copy makes a noble impression.

Four sensors inside the scale measure weight, body composition and heart data. Then she sends the data to your iPhone or Android smartphone. There you can compare the information about your health over a longer period of time and draw conclusions. In the course of the measurements, the software calculates your body mass index (BMI) as well as the percentage of body fat and water, muscle and bone mass.

In addition to the heart rate, the scale, which has been available since 2016, also records the so-called pulse wave speed again. This value is an indicator of how well the blood flows through the body and to what extent the blood vessels could be pathologically narrowed. From January 2018 to April 2019, the manufacturer removed this measurement function in Europe because there were doubts as to whether all official approvals were available. These doubts now seem to have been dispelled.

“Nice to have”: If you need help in choosing your clothes, you can also have the local weather forecast displayed on the scale. Apart from the weather, these values ​​should give you a better understanding of your own fitness and health. That’s why the scales not only show them on the easy-to-read monochrome display, but also send them to the manufacturer’s app via WiFi or Bluetooth. On your iPhone or Android smartphone, the software supports you with a helpful classification of the normal range in which your fitness and health level is. This is not the only reason why the app is an essential part of the entire product.

Withings Health Mate: An app makes the scale smart

Strictly speaking, the scale can also be used without an app. The personalization of the measurement data is free of charge for iOS and Android Available Withings Health Mate app is urgently needed.

For example, you need the stylish and clear app to adapt the display content and to link it to a personal profile in the Withings Health web portal. There you store your age and height so that the app can calculate the BMI and classify your constitution. After each weighing, the scale synchronizes the new data with your profile.

If you don’t live alone, roommates can also use the smart scales. To do this, you can create up to seven additional profiles – without these users having to have a Withings account themselves.

Very practical: the app automatically assigns the measurement data to the correct data set as closely as possible and is based on the weight. I weigh a lot more than my wife. Therefore, the differentiation for the Withings Body Cardio in the Review is not a challenge. However, if two users weigh similarly – which applies to my wife and mother-in-law – the app asks for a manual selection of the profile.

Withings Health Mate App
The app called Withings Health Mate is a central part of the product. It illustrates the health data in a clear and understandable way. 

The app also offers coaching programs, some of which are of high quality and useful. Recently, for example, an otherwise chargeable meditation podcast was part of the free offer. The coachings are by no means interactive or smart, because they do not relate to the course of personal fitness data. Furthermore, the included reminder function fulfills the same purpose as an entry in any to-do app.

The body cardio in the Withings ecosystem and in the smart health home

For the most complete picture possible, you can network the data from the scales with other information sources. Health Mate not only works with the Body Cardio, but is the collection point for all current Withings and former Nokia health products. These include fitness trackers such as the Withings Move, Steel HR Sport or Activité Pop as well as smart blood pressure monitors and thermometers. You can also connect the app to Apple Health on iOS or Google Fit on Android. In this way, I can also see the steps taken with the Apple Watch in the profile of the Withings app.

With the IFTTT and Conrad Connect services, you can also integrate the Withings Body Cardio into your smart health home. How about, for example, if your Philips Hue lights flash in alarm red as soon as you open the candy drawer even though you have not reached your target weight?

Withings Body Cardio in black and white

Long-term experience with the Withings Body Cardio in the Review

After almost two years of use, the smart scales and health app have become an integral part of my everyday life. I can’t check how exactly the Withings Body Cardio measures in the Review. But the values ​​can be reproduced and appear plausible.

The synchronization of the measurement data with the software works smoothly within a few seconds. There is nothing wrong with the stability of the scale and the app. While there were still problems with firmware updates after switching from Withings to Nokia, the return to Withings’ hands was smooth. The firmware of the scale and the app are stable and smooth.

With the energy of the built-in rechargeable battery, the Withings Body Cardio was delighted to be able to operate economically in the Review. Since commissioning in May 2017, I’ve only recharged the Review device twice using a micro-USB cable. Therefore, I consider the twelve-month battery life that the manufacturer claims to be realistic.

Free Shipping on orders over £99 at!

Free Shipping on orders over £99 at!
Ends: 2020 20Asia/ShanghaipmThu, 31 Dec 2020 14:59:00 +0800 12 122020123102 31 31pm20

Free Shipping on orders over $115 USD at!

Ends: 2020 20Asia/ShanghaipmThu, 31 Dec 2020 14:59:00 +0800 12 122020123102 31 31pm20

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Withings Body Cardio Balance Review

Test the Withings Move ECG, an effective watch to ensure your fitness

Test the Withings Move ECG, an effective watch to ensure your fitness

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The French brand Withings started its comeback with a brand new mid-range model: Withings Move ECG. From a price and equipment point of view, this connected watch is located just below the Withings Steel and above the Withings Move.Read this Withings move reviews to discover more.

Let’s start with the design we do not like, even if it is very subjective. The ECG Move largely shares the aesthetic codes of the Withings Move, with sparkling color elements, very rounded shapes and a box that seems relatively thick, all giving a slightly childish silhouette to the product.

The Withings Move ECG watch.

But the Move ECG offers a more classic design than that of his little sister. We have the choice between a black or white dial, combined with a black, yellow, gray, coral, blue or green bracelet. If the finish of the watch itself is good, the plastic bracelet still looks as good cheap. And we regret once more to access only one length of bracelet, which hang flaccidly the unused part when you have a small wrist.

In terms of autonomy, the watch has the undeniable advantage of not having to be recharged, thanks to its battery designed to last a year. This Move works with the mobile health app from Withings (iOS and Android), sober and functional.

The ECG rivals the Apple Watch

The watch is waterproof up to 50 meters (5 ATM). This means that you can wear it to do the dishes, in the shower and at the pool (remember to rinse it if it has been in contact with chlorine or cleaning products) but you can not dive in. sea ​​with. This is a good point to follow swimming practice. Another good surprise, the presence of an altimeter, not obvious at this price level. This sensor allows you to count the stages up and down, Unfortunately, Withings does not take full advantage of this altimeter. It does not provide details of the differences in your sporting assignments. It only displays an “elevation” number, ie it adds up all the altitudes without providing an average.

We can also regret for this tariff not to have GPS. But it is fortunately compensated in part by that of the smartphone that starts in training mode. Then we retrieve his route, after the fact, on the application. The distance is, she, accessible live when you launch an activity on the smartphone.

The position of the hand to measure the electrocardiogram.

On the cardiac side, Withings’s watch is a real paradox. It offers an extremely rare feature by allowing to perform an electrocardiogram. It is even more accurate than the Apple Watch because of the presence of three electrodes against one for the product of Apple. Useful for detecting cardiac arrhythmias. This requires opening the application on his smartphone, and then press the right side button, then hold his fingers on the ring. The operation lasts 30 seconds.

But at the same time, the watch does not allow to track the heart rate continuously. It is necessary to ask and to take the measurement punctually. This is a very big drawback for athletes who will not have access to any live cardiac data during and after their sporting sessions.

The data is reliable

We compared the results of the watch with those of an Apple Watch Series 3 and we found relatively similar results in our workouts, except of course the heart rate that is not available on the Withings. Compared to the Move, the ECG Move also tracks much more physical activity daily.

Regarding the calories counted, the Withings data seem much more reliable than those usually displayed by connected watches of this range and have a tendency to overestimate things. We recorded, for example, an expenditure of 487 kcal for a distance of 7.46 km and a pace of 6’42. Quite consistent given our profile. Likewise for step counting, the Withings ECG shows lower numbers than the norm and therefore less flattering but much closer to reality.

The sleep monitoring is at the level of the rest of the performances and represents rather finely the different phases of falling asleep, without confusing your inactivity with a small sum. Rather well played, since the watch does not rely on it for cardiac monitoring.

In the end, Withings makes a nice proposal for a connected watch to follow your daily physical activity or your fitness. But you will not have to rely on it to prepare a half marathon!

The verdict of the test

This Move ECG is part of the Withings watches, which are in a category apart with their watch design and their total absence of digital screens. For users who do not want to clutter both a bracelet and a classic watch, this is an interesting alternative and a two-in-one practice in everyday life. With a little more “health” to the key. For a very affordable price, this Move ECG offers the possibility of performing an electrocardiogram. On the other hand, it is not recommended for sportsmen, for lack of continuous cardiac monitoring and GPS.

Ergonomics and design

Withings’ target is well defined: people who want to take advantage of connected features without having to strut around with an object that is too heavily stamped “geeks”. No screen on this Move ECG therefore. Connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone, the Move ECG has no notification or internal storage dedicated to music.
Here, sobriety is the order of the day. Lightweight (32 g) and small in size (38 x 13 mm), the watch features a metal case housing three electrodes. The first is on the back of the stainless steel watch, glued to the skin. The second is on the circular ring, also in stainless steel, and the third on the side button of the tocante. This pleasant integration is achieved without the slightest aesthetic compromise.
In terms of ergonomics, we are therefore faced with an extremely refined model. The case and the bracelet are comfortable on the wrist and in no way irritate the skin, even when wet.
The Move ECG is waterproof up to 5 ATM (50 m).


The interface of the Move ECG obviously offers an experience limited to a minimum. It must be said that, without a screen, there is not much room. No notifications or date. In addition to the hour, there is a dial graduated from 0 to 100 which indicates the current rate of accomplishment compared to the activity goal of the day. While measuring an ECG, this dial is used to count down 30 seconds, the time required to complete the operation.
The single side button has three functions:
A single press starts recording the ECG.
A long press triggers the monitoring of a sports activity. When starting a physical activity, the hands of the watch stop indicating the time and become a stopwatch indicating the time of the physical activity.
A single press also stops the vibration of an alarm. Because it is also possible to program alarms via the smartphone in order to make the watch vibrate at specific times.


The Move ECG syncs with the Health Mate app available on Android and iOS. Almost complete and almost fluid, it just misses the fifth star. Its synchronization is done easily, in just a few seconds. The home screen offers a summary of the day (number of steps, physical activities performed, sleep data). It is quite possible to have access to some recorded statistics, but it is not possible to go further. For example, it is impossible to know its maximum speed or maximum heart rate.
The application does offer to configure the Move ECG but once again, the possibilities are very limited. You can only set the time and an alarm.

Uses and precision

The Move ECG does not have a heart rate monitor, it is not possible to measure your heart rate. No GPS either, so you need to bring your smartphone to follow your route. The tocante only integrates an accelerometer, an altimeter and three electrodes. If the first two allow the terminal to detect physical activity or the number of floors climbed, the last has a much more medical purpose. The Move ECG is therefore able to perform an electrocardiogram (ECG).
Equipped with only three leads, the tocante is content to detect atrial fibrillations. To do this, simply press the side button of the watch and wait thirty seconds with one finger on the button and the other on the circular ring. It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of such a measure. Compared with those of an Apple Watch, also capable of performing such a test, the results sometimes diverge.
The electrode under the housing of the Move ECG.
If the Move ECG is able to automatically identify a physical activity, it is also satisfied here with the strict minimum. The only information given is therefore the duration of the session and the distance traveled, provided it is connected to a smartphone.
Like most connected watches, the Move ECG is able to track the user’s sleep. But like its competitors, the results are sometimes a roller coaster. Especially since without a heart rate monitor, the watch is sometimes trapped during a night reading session.


Without screen or GPS or heart rate monitor, the Move ECG has a very convincing battery life. According to Withings, it takes a whole year to exhaust the CR2430 battery nested in the case. Despite all our good will, we did not have time to test it for such a long period (our test sample only stayed with us for two weeks).


The Move ECG presents itself to us with a very clear bias: despite its appearance as a watch, it is more like an activity sensor, with ultimately little data collected. Without GPS, or heart rate monitor, or notifications, it will therefore be necessary to accept to be satisfied with the number of steps taken, unreliable sleep monitoring and … the electrocardiogram therefore. However, it is very difficult to determine the reliability of this function. The risk of creating false positives is still very present, despite the certifications obtained. Finally, the Move ECG is for those who want an elegant watch, connected, but not too much. For others, we recommend the Band 3 Pro from Huawei or the Pulse HR from Withings.

Withings Move ECG

the sensor that improves your sleep, smart health device review

The sensor that improves your sleep -Withings Sleep Review

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Withings Sleep Reviews price review: The French smart health connected sensor to place under your sleep which analyzes and improves your nights.

Withings Sleep price review: the sensor that improves your sleep

Withings Sleep - Sleep Tracking Pad Under The Mattress with Sleep Cycle Analysis

$99.95  in stock
3 new from $84.00
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as of 2023 23Asia/ShanghaiamWed, 22 Mar 2023 05:48:40 +0800 3 03202333105 22 22am23 am5:48


  • ADVANCED SLEEP TRACKING - Sleep cycles, Sleep Score & snore detection
  • TRACK BREATHING DISTURBANCES - See sleep pattern interruptions which can impair the restorativeness of sleep
  • SLEEP-LAB INSIGHTS - Developed with sleep physicians and clinically validated
  • SLEEP HEART RATE - Track your heart rate continuously all night long
  • NOTHING TO WEAR - Easy one-time setup under the mattress, compatible with most mattresses

Originally a Nokia branded product which came under the umbrella of the French brand Withings in May 2018. A range of high-performance and well-smart health connected smart health connected products at a reasonable price. Note, the last very nice innovation with the BPM Core that We presented to you a week ago.

But, let’s not fall asleep on this great French success. Here is the Withings Sleep a sensor or tracker of the quality of your nights. It analyzes your sleep cycles, achieves a quality score for your sleep and gives you tips for better sleep. A solution very economical compared to Bultex e-bed and especially extremely practical compared to other solutions such as Misfit’s Beddit.

Design and use of the Withnigs Sleep

The Sleep is a kind of carpet measuring 63 cm long by 18 cm wide, particularly thin (5 mm) so as not to feel it when lying down. It is however thicker on the outside edge of the bed, but this does not interfere.

The whole is very well done and exudes an excellent level of perceived quality. A beautiful product that however you will not see. A priori the only difference on the hardware side with the Nokia Sleep or the previous Withings Sleep Aura (which added a bedside lamp) is the name and the embroidered logo which has changed.

Quick and easy installation

Installation requires a smartphone or a tablet (on Android or iOS) with theHealth Mate app installed and the Bluetooth enabled.

Once the Health Math application has been downloaded and your account created, then activated, place the Sleep directly on your box spring, under your mattress. For effective measurement, the tape should be positioned at your bust / chest when you are lying down the position you take to sleep. A clarification, on my classic slatted base (an Ikea base that We have reinforced), the installation also works perfectly.

It must then be plugged into an AC outlet with the 2.8 m cord (covered with gray braided fabrics) and adapter supplied.


Open the app and add the Withings Sleep, then follow the clear instructions on your mobile or tablet screen.

Your Withings Sleep is installed and well, sleep now. The data collected will be automatically transmitted to your smartphone by your Wi-Fi network.

Here the only criticism We can make, and which is also its greatest asset, is that you will forget that your bed is smart health connected. If you move around often you will not have your sleep tracker with you (it stayed in your bed). In this case, an activity tracking bracelet will be preferred (see watches and bracelets smart health connected with sleep analysis).

Withings Sleep (or Nokia Sleep) features

  • A global score to know immediately whether this difficult wake up on Monday morning is linked to a bad night or not.

sleep score Withing sleep

  • Sleep duration, sleep and wake-up time
  • Sleep cycles : light, deep, REM (or REM sleep)
  • Heartbeat continuous and medium
  • Snoring
  • Detection of respiratory disturbance (alert in case of sign ofSleep Apnea). Sleep apnea is a chronic, difficult to perceive breathing disorder during sleep. In France, 50% of people affected do not know they are. Withings Sleep detects interruptions and then provides an assessment of the intensity of the respiratory disturbance, using an algorithm based on a sample of people whose respiratory rate ranges from “linear” to “very disturbed”.

withings sleep sleep apnea detection

  • Tips for better sleep with your sleep score each time you wake up. Discover your personal coach in the app for learn to have a restful sleep. Thus, your personalized analysis after several nights will indicate data such as:
    • Your sleep and wake times have been consistent over the past few days ”.
    • Your night was efficient, with 61% spent in recovery phase“.
  • Analysis of your night environment and interaction with your other health home automation devices (lighting, heating).

Health Mate and IFTTT application connectivity

  • 2.4 GHz b / g / n Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 required for installation

Consult your data and follow the advice of the free Withings Health Mate app

The Withnig application allows you to centralize the data of all the brand’s smart health connected health devices. Simple to use with its homemade graphics, it obviously benefits from all the information in impeccable French.

  • IOS compatibility (from iOS 10)
  • Android compatibility (5.0 and newer)

The app displays on your smartphone a detailed summary of your nights with the analysis of your sleep cycles (light, deep and REM), monitoring your heart rate, and the detection of snoring and respiratory disturbances.

Personally We like the design of the app, the navigation and especially the colorful graphics used clear and understandable by all.

However, like its competitors, the application could help us even more. After a short or hectic night, send us an alert with specific advice to recover at most. For example, what time is it advisable to go to bed and what is the minimum sleep time.

Script your nights with IFTTT

The Withings sleep sensor is also compatible with the IFTTT app. This allows you to freely create scenarios between your different smart health connected objects.

So you can start a night light (e.g. equipped with a Philips Hue bulb), when you get out of bed. And turn it off automatically when you go back to bed. Another possibility, lower the temperature thanks to a smart health connected thermostat when you sleep.

Price and availability

With a price below $100, the Withnigs Sleep offers excellent value for money.

Other solutions to monitoring your sleep:

Withings Sleep Reviews

cock-a-doodle Doo for this French sleep monitoring and analyzer. Compared to its competitors’ solutions, they offer excellent results and above all a real comfort of use. Definitely to try before investing in the concept of the Bultex smart health connected mattress.

For me, to date the best quality / price ratio in sensors and sleep monitoring devices.

Small faults: For a couple, you will need two to monitoring each of you separately. And for personal data freaks, your statements are transmitted to the Withings cloud, even if they are anonymized.

A product adapted to learn and understand how your sleep goes, without obviously being a miracle solution but which gives good ideas for better sleep. For me a practical object already having a scale smart health connected from health home, since all the data is found in the same application.




Withings Scanwatch review : a connected watch ever more focused on health & anti-stroke

Withings Scanwatch review : a connected watch ever more focused on health & anti-stroke

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Withings Scanwatch review – The French manufacturer is back with a new connected watch, the ScanWatch, which it presents as “the most advanced health watch in the world” and the first to detect sleep apnea.

This new watch can be seen as a culmination for the Withings brand. Since its takeover by its founder Eric Careel, the brand has refocused on connected health with the release of specialized accessories such as the Sleep Analyzer or the BPM Core, which we have reviewed in recent months, but also the Move ECG watch. .

We were able to spend ten days with the ScanWatch in order to test it in great detail.

EU: ScanWatch: The most advanced health wearable ever designed— now available at!

EU: ScanWatch: The most advanced health wearable ever designed— now available at!
Ends: 2020 20Asia/ShanghaipmThu, 31 Dec 2020 14:59:00 +0800 12 122020123102 31 31pm20

FR: ScanWatch : La montre santé la plus avancée au monde— maintenant disponible chez !

FR: ScanWatch : La montre santé la plus avancée au monde— maintenant disponible chez !
Ends: 2020 20Asia/ShanghaipmThu, 31 Dec 2020 14:59:00 +0800 12 122020123102 31 31pm20

DE: ScanWatch : Das fortschrittlichste Gesundheits-Wearable auf dem Markt— jetzt verfügbar bei!

DE: ScanWatch : Das fortschrittlichste Gesundheits-Wearable auf dem Markt— jetzt verfügbar bei!
Ends: 2020 20Asia/ShanghaipmThu, 31 Dec 2020 14:59:00 +0800 12 122020123102 31 31pm20

Withings sales promotions

Sleek design of the hybrid smartwatch

With its hybrid technology, the ScanWatch has a very elegant style very close to a classic analog watch taken from the Steel HR.

It is available in 2 sober colors: White or black. But, this model adds a rotating crown, which you can use to scroll through the menu on thePMOLED display integrated.

The main dial is analog with hands for the hours and minutes. But, it incorporates a second PMOLED digital dial which displays, as a percentage, the progress achieved against the daily activity target. It also allows you to see SpO2 measurements, irregular heartbeat and smartphone notifications, heart rate, steps, floors climbed, distance traveled, calories burned, training mode and access to settings.

The screen has been slightly enlarged compared to previous models, and has a higher pixel density, to make notifications and information easier to read. It is very bright, the animations are fluid.

Scanwatch features

  • 38 mm model: diameter 38.4 mm (1.6 ”), thickness 13.2mm (0.52 ”), strap width 18mm (0.70 ”), 58g (watch only)
  • 42 mm model: diameter 42 mm (1.65 ”), thickness 13.7mm (0.54 ”), strap width 20mm (0.79 ”), 83g (watch only)
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Dial in stainless steel 316 L.
  • Water resistant 5 ATM
  • Altimeter
  • Integrated GPS

Scanwatcj Withings smartwatch price

Health Mate app: your activity dashboard

The hybrid watch connects to Android or iOS phones using the‘Health Mate companion app, and displays notifications as well as 14 facts about your health and fitness.

Scanwatch Withings review


We had already, during our test of the Move ECG, been able to discover the Health Mate application. This companion software went to version 5.0 a few weeks ago, which allowed Withings to review the presentation of its home page.

The latest information is displayed in a news feed, which lists the most recent exercises, the last heart rate measurement or even last night’s assessment. Everything is very clear and accessible at a glance to have a complete view of his physical condition and his goals to achieve.

Health Mate is also launching a new section called “Trends” which allows you to compare your past week with the previous one. The manufacturer wants to focus more on long-term progress rather than on the raw data collected every day.

This is in our opinion a great idea. Too bad only that this section is a little drowned in the mass and does not have a privileged place at the top of the screen. We currently tend to look for it by scrolling the home page for a long time and then quickly forget it.

Last addition of less importance: Health Insights. Behind this name hides a kind of conversation updated every day which allows to learn more about a specific medical subject such as sleep, or blood oxygenation.

Here again the idea is good but the format, falsely interactive, makes the whole rather gadget. We clearly prefer the many pages of explanations present everywhere in the software and which popularize all the information analyzed by the ScanWatch.

Exceptional autonomy for 24/7 use for 1 month

According to Withings, a single charge of the battery provides battery life of about 30 days. This is achieved through the choice of a hybrid watch. Indeed, the abandonment of a digital touch screen, considerably reduces consumption.

  • 30 day battery life.
  • Full recharge in 2 hours.
  • About 1 hour to reach 80%.

In addition, the autonomy can go to 50 days in energy saving mode. That is, you only use the analog clock and step tracking.

An extremely complete health watch….

Withings has been reminding people for several months now that it wants to move away from the well-being sector and return to its true core business: health.Its latest hybrid watch, the Withings ScanWatch, competes with the Apple Watch in its chosen field of e health. She monitors the risk of atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea which are among the main causes of stroke.

The ScanWatch is clearly designed with this goal in mind and many features that allow you to learn more about your physical condition at any time of the day and night.

Cardiac frequency

The connected watch can first of all analyze your heart rate continuously with its sensor integrated under the case. Measurements are taken regularly throughout the day and continuously during sports exercises.

The ScanWatch checks your heart rate several times per hour and sends a notification when it is abnormal (too high or too low) or if irregularities are detected. Developed with cardiologists, the system has been clinically tested and has obtained CE Medical certification which authorizes the marketing of ScanWatch in Europe.

If the measurements are generally good, during our various sessions we may have encountered a few oddities such as a pulse displayed at 80 bpm while we were in full swing. Ditto in the other direction with 120 bpm analyzed while we were at rest, slumped in our sofa.

Electrocardiogram : recording of a 30-second D1 ECG traced on a millimeter grid

The watch can take ECG readings for detect atrial fibrillation (the most common form ofcardiac arrhythmiass).The ECG, inaugurated in the Move ECG released in 2019, is also in the game. To perform an electrocardiogram, simply select the option in the menu, keep your finger against the crown and place your thumb on the ring surrounding the watch face for 30 seconds. Be careful to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding placement. A hasty measurement will not be deemed reliable enough by the application.

SpO2 medical, or measuring your level of oxygen saturation in the blood

The ScanWatch is the manufacturer’s first watch to be able to also analyze the oxygen content of the blood, or SpO2. The analysis procedure is the same as that of the electrocardiogram. The data is indicated by a measurement between 0 and 100%, knowing that the normal value is between 95 and 100%.

Withings again gives information on the causes of a too low level so that the user is aware of the problems that a bad level of oxygen in the blood can cause.

Thanks to this new sensor, Withings enriches its sleep monitoring with the detection of sleep apnea. This disease, which affects 1 in 4 adults, is difficult to diagnose quickly. To do this, the ScanWatch will perform a continuous overnight analysis of the oxygen content to identify respiratory interruptions. This measure has the consequence of significantly draining the battery (approximately 25% less autonomy according to our observations), it is therefore carried out randomly once every three months.

Sleep tracking is exactly the same as previous watches, with the display of a summary of the last night and an overall score assessing the regularity of bedtime, the time spent in the different phases of sleep and the total time spent asleep.

A smart alarm clock is also integrated and wakes you up via the vibration engine according to the quality of your sleep during a 30-minute window defined in the application. It works relatively well but the vibrations may not be strong enough for the heaviest sleepers.

Withings Scanwatch features


A smart health connected watch for your activity tracking and sport

The Scanwatch benefits from Withings’ experience in smart health connected activity tracking watches. It allows you to follow your daily physical activity directly on the screen (or in the application):

  • Followed by more than 30 sports,
  • Automatic detection of swimming or running
  • Number of steps,
  • Distance traveled
  • Metabolic calories and total calorie expenditure
  • Cardiac frequency,
  • Cardio Fitness Index via VO2max (CE standard)
  • Elevation that counts meters and floors climbed

The crown allows the user to scroll through the various information, start recording an ECG or a SPO2 measurement, start a sports session or activate or deactivate an alarm.

The watch can obviously be used with other applications such as the excellent Strava.

health mate scanwatch withings


Data from sensors that automatically synchronize with theHealth Mate application available for smartphones under ios or Android.

You can also follow much nicer tables on the site dedicated to Withings activity and health monitoring.

  • Wireless
  • GPS smart health connected
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Accelerometer
  • Compass electronic
  • Light sensor ambient
  • Sleep analysis
  • Pedometer

Price and availability Withings Scanwatch

The ScanWatch has impressive technology for monitoring our health, so it needs approvals FDA (USA) and THIS (Europe) for placing on the market. As expected, the Withings ScanWatch ist now available on the official Withings store .

The ScanWatch is sold € 279 in 38 mm and € 299 in 42 mm case. It also benefits from a range of silicone bands and other bracelets, including a leather model that raises the price. But, good news, the standard attachment system makes it possible to choose bracelets from other suppliers.

EU: ScanWatch: The most advanced health wearable ever designed— now available at!

EU: ScanWatch: The most advanced health wearable ever designed— now available at!
Ends: 2020 20Asia/ShanghaipmThu, 31 Dec 2020 14:59:00 +0800 12 122020123102 31 31pm20

FR: ScanWatch : La montre santé la plus avancée au monde— maintenant disponible chez !

FR: ScanWatch : La montre santé la plus avancée au monde— maintenant disponible chez !
Ends: 2020 20Asia/ShanghaipmThu, 31 Dec 2020 14:59:00 +0800 12 122020123102 31 31pm20

DE: ScanWatch : Das fortschrittlichste Gesundheits-Wearable auf dem Markt— jetzt verfügbar bei!

DE: ScanWatch : Das fortschrittlichste Gesundheits-Wearable auf dem Markt— jetzt verfügbar bei!
Ends: 2020 20Asia/ShanghaipmThu, 31 Dec 2020 14:59:00 +0800 12 122020123102 31 31pm20


The new connected watch from Withings is quite simply the best ever designed by the French manufacturer. It retains a very elegant, timeless look and its workmanship is exemplary, even in the tiniest details.

The various analyzes of blood oxygenation, sleep or heart rate are as simple as they are precise. The Health Mate application remains a benchmark in data aggregation and Withings does a remarkable job of popularization that many of its competitors lack.

And yet the ScanWatch is not without flaws, mainly in terms of sports monitoring, very limited and if it is largely sufficient for all those who practice only one sport, the most seasoned will quickly be frustrated.

The real problem with this new connected watch remains its price set at € 299 for the 42 mm model that Withings lent us for this test. At this price, the ScanWatch competes with other smartwatches such as the Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch and many models running Android Wear. While these devices are not as precise in their analysis of health data, they offer a larger screen, and touchscreen, 4G connectivity and multimedia features.

The ScanWatch is clearly not a bad smartwatch, on the contrary. If you plan to get it, you just need to be aware of the limitations of an analog watch before taking the plunge.


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