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Apple Watch 6 even more smart health connected health and activity

Apple Watch 6 review even more smart health connected and activity

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Apple Watch 6 review,new features, price, Review, features and release date.

Apple Watch 6 even more smart health connected health and activity

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This new school year is marked by a plethora of new smart health connected watches that are increasingly health-oriented. With the Apple Keynote of September 15, 2020, the Apple company has just formalized its new Apple Watch series 6 alongside a more economical model the Apple Watch SE ($ 299).

The main novelty is theadded pulse oximeter sensor (SpO2) associated with sleep tracking and additional sports tracking. In addition, it benefits from the launch of innovations brought by WatchOS 7.

Detailed review of expected changes that will be updated with official launch.

Design Apple Watch Series 6

Little change in the rectangular look of the new Apple Watch, it retains its rectangular case and its simple crown. Intuitive navigation is mainly done with the touch screen.

The new series is offered with a new bracelet without clasp for maximum comfort. In addition, a version made from recyclable fabrics and all the other bracelets, including the very beautiful ones in single or double wrapped leather (Hermès spirit).

For the colors, a little originality with a steel, aluminum or titanium case with 3 colors: red, blue or black.

Apple Watch series 6 design new straps

Small unconfirmed change during the keynote, the screen no longer stays on permanently in order to significantly reduce energy consumption. It is enough to turn the wrist while looking at the watch to activate it.

  • Retina OLED display with a resolution of 368 x 448 pixels, the brightness adapts thanks to the ambient light sensor.
  • Case in 2 sizes: 40 mm and 44 mm available in LTE version or not
  • Case of your choice in steel, aluminum or even titanium
  • Water resistant to 5 ATM (allows you to swim with it, and obtain the water temperature)

Apple Watch 6 leather strap

Face customization and exchange (face sharing)

You can use the built-in watch faces and download more from the Apple Store. Better, you personalize the faces with your emojis, the colors and the complications of your choice.

Apple Watch 6 faces facesApple Watch 6 faces faces

It is even more smart health connected, it is now possible tosend or receive a face by message, email or social media link.

To simplify the creation of faces even more, Apple has made certain “Face” dedicated to activities. Thus, specific faces are proposed for surfers, photographers or the health monitoring.

To change or share a face, just long press on the screen and press “Edit”. If the screen you want to adopt uses apps that you don’t yet have, the screen displays them and offers to add them.

Specifications Apple Watch 6

  • New S6 chip with WatchOS 7
  • GPS integrated
  • Pulse oximeter and heart rate sensor
  • Barometric altimeter, accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Wifi and Bluetooth 5.1

Smartphone features

  • Receive and send SMS from the screen, notification
  • Control the music (and even identify a song you hear)
  • Contactless payment with Apple Pay
  • Find your iPhone or unlock your MacBook
  • Improved health monitoring
  • Activity and sports
  • Sleep tracking
  • Stress management

Access to the best apps for Apple Watch 6

  • Maps (new version)
  • Fitness (replaces Activity)
  • Siri (now integrates translation and a function similar to Shazam)
  • Dictation
  • PCalc (an advanced calculator)
  • Pacemaker is a very basic DJ app that automatically creates music mixes from your iPhone and then lets you add effects via four preset options on your watch.
  • Strava allows you to start an activity from your wrist, such as a run or walk outside or a run inside. It will then suggest the time, splits, distance and heart rate on your wrist during the workout. All data is transferred to the iPhone app after training for you to see more details.
  • One Drop is a great app for people with diabetes. It lets you record glucose, medications, diet, and activity right from your wrist, as well as view progress on daily goals and glucose levels within range. You can also schedule medication reminders and automatic carbohydrate counting is also available.

best apps for apple watch 6

Integrated Siri voice assistant

Apple Watch 6 can voice translate a sentence in 10 different languages. Shake your wrist and say a phrase to translate, for example: “How do you say where is the station in Japanese?” “

It is also possible to use “ Dictation”Directly by speaking to your wrist.

You can create and activate your own shortcuts, then trigger them with a simple voice command . Personally, I often use an “go to bed” command. This order indicates that you must turn off the television, the lights on the ground floor and activate the surveillance cameras. To take advantage of these smart health connected health home functions, I recommend our article on Siri and Apple HomeKit compatible objects.

Apple Watch 6 compatible connected devices

Activity Tracking and More Sports: Apple Fitness +

  • GPS coupled with the Maps app.
  • Compass.
  • Voice commands.
  • Apple Fitness Plus:training videosspecially designed to be viewed on your iPhone or Apple TV (yoga, cycling, hiit, rowing machine, dancing, etc.).

Basic, you can follow many sports activities like on the series (,

  • Market.
  • Race.
  • Cycling.
  • Elliptical.
  • Rower.
  • Stepper.
  • Split (HIIT).
  • Hiking.

This strong point is further improved on the Apple Watch 6, with the addition of 4 new sports tracking:

  • Dance (hip-hop, Latin, Bollywood, or any cardio dance)
  • Functional strengthening,
  • Sheathing
  • Recovery sessions after training.

Apple Watch 6 sport tracker

For the practice of walking, running and also cycling, the association with the Maps application is also improved . For a cycle route, the map displays the height differences, cycle paths and busy roads. On foot, it even allows you to take into account shortcuts via stairs. For fun, Plan suggests places to rest, such as a cafe, restaurant or bike shop.

Apple Watch 6 GPS card

Health monitoring: detection of Covid, heart risks and asthma

  • Sensor ECG (electrocardiogram)
  • Sensor cardiac frequency
  • Addition of SpO2(oxygen level in the blood
  • International emergency call
  • Fall detection .
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Relaxationwith guided breathing

Stress management

By mixing SpO2 data and your heart rate, a new feature helps preserve your “sanity”. It detects possible panic attacks or high levels of stress. To calm you down, she offers guided breathing exercises.

Apple Watch 6 keeps your hands clean

This is an original feature. The watch detects when you wash your hands. Automatically, it can trigger a 20 second timer . This is the recommended time for effective washing. In addition, with its geolocation system, when you return health home, it invites you to go wash your hands. Obviously, when you follow the instructions and stick to the time, she congratulates you.

Apple Watch 6 ECG SpO2 Health Tracker

Sleep tracking

The new sleep app allows you to set a bedtime schedule and ritual that will help you improve the quality of your nights. When you go to bed, Apple Watch 6 automatically triggers the do not disturb modewhich prevents the screen from turning on and disturbing your rest.

By keeping the watch on your wrist while you sleep, the watch analyzes your sleep. When you wake up, you discover your different phases of sleep, as well as your sleep time with a weekly average . She also adds apps to make it easier to fall asleep, such as meditation exercises or gradually dimming the light.

She adds some thoughtful little details. Thus, if the level of the watch is charged less than 30% when you go to bed, a notification advises you to charge it. Likewise, if you get up before the scheduled alarm time, the watch will display a notification to suppress it and avoid ringing unnecessarily.

Also, the management of menstrual cycles.

The watch that “watches” your children: Family



303.8 mAh lithium-ion batteryrechargeable for slightly improved use from 18 to 24 hours.

Apple Watch 6 price and release date

The Cupertino company has never had as a strategy the price reduction when launching a new product. With the addition of the SpO2 sensor, the price starts from $399 in 40 mm and $ 429 in 44 mm. We go to $849  with the titanium case.

The Fitness Plus service will be available by the end of the year for $9.99 / month in the United States (3 months free with the purchase of an Apple Watch 6).


Apple Watch 6 review

Even more health and activity monitoring
  • Design and usability – 9.5 / 10
  • Smartphone Features – 9.5 / 10
  • Suvi health features – 9.5 / 10
  • Sports and activity features – 9/10
  • Autonomy – 7.5 / 10
  • Quality / Price Ratio – 7.5 / 10

8.8 / 10

Apple Watch 6 review

The main innovations of this new model are brought by the update of watchOS 7, but also the addition of the SpO2 sensor.

A smart health connected watch always easier to use which also benefits from a suite of improved applications to optimize their use on the wrist (Siri, Dictation, Maps, Fitness).

Its only flaw is its autonomy below that which I now consider to be its best competitor, the French Scanwatch from Withings.

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What is the best watch for workout?

Art B Zen ( Art for well being) REVIEW


Mi Band 4 reviews price Review bracelet smart health connected monitoring activities of Xiaomi

Mi Band 4 reviews price Review bracelet smart health connected monitoring activities of Xiaomi

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Mi Band 4 review smart health connected bracelet tracking activities of Xiaomi with a battery life of 15 days and a screen much larger and resistant.

Mi Band 4 reviews  smart health connected monitoring activities of Xiaomi

Xiaomi presented its new smart health bracelet, the Mi Smart Band 4, on June 11 in Beijing. I therefore continue my visit to Shanghai to present the latest products from the Middle Kingdom.
Once again the Chinese giant strikes hard with an excellent quality / price ratio. A real success with more than 70% growth over a year. Thus, at the end of March 2019, the number of smart health connected devices offered by Xiaomi exceeded 171 million (excluding smartphones and laptops.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 design

Xiaomi simply offers us an improved version of the previous Mi Band 3 model. The bracelet remains in thermoplastic polyurethane with a color touch screen perfectly visible in all circumstances. One of the strengths of the Mi Band 4 is that it is very comfortable to wear, ultra light, we easily forget that it is on the wrist. So much so that we forget to recharge it, fortunately it is its other quality, it is only necessary every 15 days.
The Mi Band 4 works with all smartphones running Android 4.4, iOS 9.0 or higher.
<img class = “aligncenter size-full wp-image-14228 jetpack-lazy-image” alt=”Mi band 4 xiaomi price review Review design” width=”1024″ height=”547″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy- src=”;ssl=1″/>

It has a 0.95 inch AMOLED color touch screen, which is 39.9% larger than its predecessor, which allows it to display more characters and is protected by 2.5 D anti-scratch tempered glass. He owns 77 different watch faces. The Mi Band 4 is also waterproof, standard 5 ATM, so you can safely use it for your nautical activities.
It is available in black, brown, blue, orange and pink.

  • Width 18 mm
  • Adjustable length from 155-216 mm
  • 22 grams

Avengers movies are hugely popular in China, so Mijia has released a special edition with custom dials matching the 3 special straps: Captain America, Avengers and Iron Man.

Specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

  • 0.95 ” AMOLED color touchscreen
    • 120 x 240 pixels
    • 24 bit
    • Brightness up to 400 nits,
    • 2.5 D scratch-resistant glass
  • 3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope
  • PPG heart rate sensor
  • Capacitive proximity sensor
  • Waterproof 5 ATM (50 meters)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 the, NFC (optional in China for AliPay)
  • 135 mAh battery up to 20 days of autonomy. Charging is done in less than 2 hours.
  • RAM of 512 KB and a ROM of 16 MB.

Features and activity tracking

  • Display of the time, your heart rate, the weather, the notifications of the applications of your smartphone
  • Call notification, but you can’t answer directly from the screen, so you’ll have to use your phone to do so.
  • Programmable alarm.
  • Microphone for voice assistant Xiao AI (only on the NFC version) which allows to easily control the Xiaomi Smart health home ioT accessories and can be used to pay for the Bus in 187 cities in China.
  • And of course your physical activities 24/7 thanks to the health home app Mi Fit, in addition the Mi Band 4 can also connect to the app Google Fit.


For sport and your physical activities

  • 6 training modes: treadmill, exercises, jogging, biking, walking and swimming.
  • Counts steps, distance and calories burned
  • End-of-training notifications, goal setting
  • Heart rate table and inactivity alerts.

Tracking your sleepl with a quality score for each night. The Mi band 4 analyzes your periods of deep and light sleep, as well as the heart rate to help you improve your sleep habits.

Mi Band 4 price and availability

The official launch price in China is 169 yuan (about 22 euros) and will go on sale in China from June 16.
The price of the NFC edition which has all its interest in China is 229 yuan (30 €) and that of the limited edition of Mi Band 4 Avengers is 349 yuan (45 €).

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker 0.95 AMOLED OLED Display Heart Rate Monitor 50m Waterproof Bracelet Activity Tracker Weather Forecast Smart Reminder for iPhone Android phone (Black-Global Version)

 out of stock
as of 2023 23Asia/ShanghaipmMon, 10 Jul 2023 23:40:19 +0800 7 07202373111 10 10pm23 pm11:40


ColorBlack-Global Version

Comparison between Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 3

Simply put, for € 10 more: a color screen with a larger display area, better resolution and better protection.

Mi Band 3 Mi Band 4
Touchscreen black and white 0.78 ″ color at, 95 ″
Resolution 128 x 80 240 x 120
Protection Hard plastic 2.5 D glass
Sensors 3 axis movement 6 axis movement
Autonomy 15 days 15 days
Options in China NFC, Avengers series

First Opinion Xiaomi Mi Band 4

With its price, this fourth version competes with the bracelets offered at significantly higher prices such as the Withings Pulse HR or the Fitbit charge 3.
However, it lacks the integrated GPS, even if it uses that of your smartphone, to make it a complete product, but at this difficult price to do better currently (at Gearbest at 29 €). Its main advantage compared to the 3 is its screen with a 40% higher display.
The one that pulls out of the game at first price is the previous Mi Band 3 model whose price drops further to 25 €.

Art B Zen ( Art for well being) REVIEW

Honor Band 6 between bracelet and smartwatch at a low price

Honor Band 6 between bracelet and smartwatch at a low price

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Honor Band 6 the new smart health connected bracelet with extra large screen with NFC chip, heart rate sensors and SpO2 at a low price

Honor Band 6 between bracelet and smartwatch at a low price

The brand of the Huawei group, Honor, has just announced the evolution of its smart health connected bracelet, from Band 5 to Honor Band 6. A style that stands out from the competition with a generous rectangular screen.

Design Honor Band 6

The Honor Band 5 was launched in July 2019, it is equipped with a 0.95 inch AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 240 x 120. The 6th version benefits from a much larger screen with a thin edge. This to facilitate navigation in the interface which was for me its only weak point.

The dimensions of the case are 43 x 25.4 x 11.45 mm with a weight of 18 g without bracelet.

Here we are between the classic band and the rectangular smart health connected watch.

The new large screen improves readability and especially the use of the touch screen.

Features Honor Band 6

In addition to screen improvements, the Band 6 offers features that we are more used to seeing on a smart health connected watch, apart from the absence of a GPS.

  • Daily activity monitoring.
  • Exercise monitoring 10 built-in sports modes (accelerometer and gyroscope)
  • monitoring 24 hour heart rate with Huawei TruSeen 4.0 sensor
  • Huawei TruSleep sensor for measuring the sleep quality and duration.
  • Display of notifications from your smartphone.
  • monitoring SpO2 (level of oxygen in the blood, one of the best current indicators for monitoring the first symptoms of Covid 19).
  • Menstrual cycle tracking
  • Chip NFC for contactless payment and opening of compatible smart health connected locks.
  • Voice assistant thanks to its integrated microphone.
  • Waterproof 5 ATM

Honor Band 6 functions

Connection and autonomy

The connection is made with your smartphone in Bluetooth 5.0.

Finally, a 180 mAh battery provides autonomy that can last up to 14 days without being recharged. The bracelet is recharged with its magnetic charger.

Huawei Honor Band 6 price and release date

The current price of the Band 5 is around 35 euros, which places it in the same budget tracking category as the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. To stay in the race, the HB 6 is offered in two versions:

  • $39  tax incl. for the base model (base 249 yuan)
  • $49  with NFC chip and voice assistant (base 289 yuan).

The Chinese company made its announcement on the social network Weibo, affirming that its arrival would mark a new era in “wearables” (sets of smart health connected objects that we wear on ourselves). In terms of release date, it has been available in China since the November 3, 2020. As was the case previously, it should then arrive in Europe and the rest of the world. So-called international versions to use in the same language as that of your smartphone.

Honor Band 6 reviews

Ranking of the best smart health connected bracelets 2020

  1. The brand new Amazfit Band 5 to $49.99, the most complete and powerful smart health connected bracelets (without subscription).
  2. Much cheaper, the Xiaomi mi band 5, which we find at $33 , the best quality / price ratio in the smart health connected bracelet category.
  3. The Huawei Honor Band 6 which I find the most beautiful (totally personal opinion), in the same price range as theHonor Band 5 at $34 .
  4. The Redmi Band with its minimum price at $17 at GearBest the Chinese import specialist.
  5. New Fitbit Inspire 2 which improves a little the Inspire HR in lower price to $78.
  6. For smartphone owners Samsung, I recommend it Galaxy Fit at $69  (and no subscription required).
  7. Perfect with a phone Huawei, the Band 3 Pro at $45 .
  8. The very original bracelet Amazfit X with the look of a jewel in $129

Honor Mi Band 6 specifications

Honor Band 6 review

I loved the look of the Band 5 and the presence of the SpO2 sensor as well as its NFC chip for contactless payment. But, its touch screen was not the most practical to navigate, the new bracelet corrects this defect with the arrival of a large screen. We almost have a smart health connected watch for the price of a bracelet.

This new model saves places in my top 10 smart health connected bracelets 2020 for health and activity monitoring.

The variables obtained are obviously not very precise. But they are very useful and practical by comparison with each other to monitoring your passages in atypical areas.


Note to reader

  • The “first opinion” is given in a completely subjective way, based on the video trailers and the press kit received (even sometimes on unofficial sources) possibly exchanges with the brand, and by comparison with similar products already existing of the same category.
  • The “first beta notice” is indicated for prototypes or games for which I receive the Review version and whose developers authorize the communication.
  • Then, the title changes to a simple “Notice” as soon as the game or the product is in its marketed version after several hours of testing (when it lasts several hours), the rating can obviously be modified accordingly. Finally, it may be subject to corrections after important updates.


Art B Zen ( Art for well being) REVIEW

Complete Review of the smart health connected bracelet for athletes
 smart health innovation

Complete Review of Fitbit Flex 2,the smart health connected bracelet for athletes

By Wellness Reviews For Family No Comments

Here is the latest arrival in the brand Fitbit released: it is the Fitbit Flex 2. A bracelet for everyday or for outdoor athletes.Read this Fitbit Flex 2 review.

Unboxing of the Fitbit Flex 2

On the same model as the Fitbit Charge 2, this smart health connected bracelet arrives in a small rectangular box. On the front of the box is a photo of the product and its main features. In the back, we can read all the actions offered by this bracelet as well as a visual of the application. Finally, the sides: one states the contents of the box, the other, the different possibilities of wearing the sensor, as a bracelet, as a clip, as a pendant.

It must be admitted that unpacking is not so easy that the cardboard was slightly damaged. Once out, everything is fine and the components are all easily accessible. We immediately see a first bracelet, empty. On the charging cord, you can easily find the element that will be inserted into the Fitbit Flex 2. Finally, what is believed to be a manual is still not a manual. Like he usually does, Fitbit returns to the website and provides only paper containing warranty conditions and safety instructions. Underneath him is the second, larger bracelet. Note that, in comparison, the packaging is much less pleasant than the Charge 2. Here, only a plastic that holds the components, less attractive and less practical for storage than the closed blue box …

unboxing fitbit flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2 design and ergonomics

The Fitbit Flex 2 does not cause any discomfort, neither pleasant nor unpleasant, it is easily forgotten. Sober, it is extremely thin, almost like a darling worn around the wrist. The fastener which must be inserted into holes, two small peaks is quite painful as long as one does not have the technique, it is necessary to sink the bracelet in the arm to close it. Over time, it becomes easier.

Accessory design and ergonomics

Among the accessories supplied with the Fitbit Flex 2 are objects similar to real jewelry. Thus can be found among the objects: a pendant and a bracelet provided to accommodate the Tracker.

The pendant is metallic gray in color which from a distance gives the object a coherent appearance. If you take a closer look it is obvious that the pendant is not a real luxury item. What is harmful all the same for an accessory supposed to bring added value at the design level. On the other hand, ergonomics means that the pendant can be used both for sport but also for the city. TEST FIT BIT FLEX 2 PENDANT

Regarding the alternative version of the smart health connected metal bracelet, the observation is similar. If the rose gold color and the design bring real added value to the basic Fitbit Flex bracelet, its detail is still quite basic. As with the pendant, the accessory can be used both in the evening but also during a sports session. However, here again it is necessary to favor a less sporty use of the device.


Regarding the ergonomics of the accessories, the two are thought of in a similar way: there is a compartment thought of the Tracker in the shape of the jewel. You have to open this location, place the Tracker inside it, make sure everything is closed and you can walk. AT In light of their respective designs, it is obvious to specify, if need be, that the accessories are mainly intended to be worn on a daily basis.

Fitbit Flex 2 App

Installation of the application

Unsurprisingly, the website provided has no use, other than remembering the name of the application to download, thereafter, all that remains is to follow the instructions provided. After downloading an application called… Fitbit, you just have to choose the name of the device you have in your possession and do what is asked:

  • Create your account
  • Enter your name, age, height, weight and gender. It is possible to visualize the interest of these questions
  • Activate your smartphone’s Bluetooth
  • Accept the terms of use
  • Discover the device
  • Connect to the bracelet
  • Leave the bracelet close to the phone during the 10 minute update
  • Discover all the features of the device

On the other hand, if you already have a Fitbit account, the information is pre-registered and we start the steps to activate Bluetooth.

Nothing complicated, everything works the first time. However, it should not be in a hurry since it takes about twenty minutes counting the careful reading of each page … The use meanwhile, leaves some surprises.

Use of the application

No improvement on the part of Fitbit, to use its bracelets, you have to sacrifice the battery of your smartphone. Indeed, for synchronization to take place, Bluetooth and data connection must be activated. For the rest, not much to say about it, it is simple, beautifully colored and completely clear.

Fitbit Flex 2 bracelet settings

If you click on the bracelet, many possibilities of settings appear.

Small problem with notifications, instantly it works, then nothing, notifications, like on the other bracelet, are difficult to receive. The help buttons are there to help and finally the problem disappears as it came …

For the rest, everything works fine, it is possible to define the time range over which reminders to move will be made. Thegoal is to be determined. You can select it in terms of distance, level to climb or calories to lose, the choice is left to you. Thesilent alarm is discreet but effective. Finally, you can stay smart health connected continuously, very energy consuming for the smartphone but more efficient for receiving data as far as I am concerned.

The tabs relating to the data collected

Everything works perfectly and precisely.

The number of steps, the number of active hours, the mileage and the sleep show a foolproof precision. The device continuously and error-free detects the exact time you fall asleep and wakes up with a margin of error of less than 5 minutes. As for the bracelet, it serves as a perfect relay.

The exercise tracking tab

He shines with his lack of usefulness on treadmill and in case of weak GPS signal, in other words, in the countryside. This is a huge disappointment. When launching the race mode, the application begins by signaling that it will be complicated in that the phone does not pick up the satellite network well. In this case, no worries, avoid the mud and go to the gym and there, big surprise. On the treadmill, not only is the activity not detected, but, when you decide to force it, you quickly see that it doesn’t work. The number of steps increases, the distance traveled grows, however, the speed cannot be found, however, from memory, these two data are enough to calculate it … When trying to complete physical activity, a message appears, you did not travel, the activity is not taken into account. Huge disappointment. In conclusion, for runners, you have to be outside and above all, in a place well covered by the GPS signal, in other words, in town?

ERRATUM: more than five hours after physical activity and while synchronization was working for the rest, a pop-up message appeared: “Congratulations on the 19 minutes of elliptical trainer”… It’s better than nothing, but c was 25 minutes of running on the mat!

The other possibilities

Apart from that, it is possible to motivate yourself to be more sporty by challenging friends or, more original, by choosing to travel the United States depending on the number of steps you take. In other words, the more you walk, the more you discover American landscapes.

To complete the possibilities offered by the Fitbit Flex 2, it should be noted that it is possible torecord the food we eat, the amount of water we drink and the evolution of its weight curve. However, for this, it is important to know the calories that a dish represents and to remember to write everything down, continuously. Not necessarily very pleasant or very practical …

The application is therefore complete but the bracelet quite limited in its use since it does not have a screen …

Using the Fitbit Flex 2

Truth be told, use is a very big word. It vibrates, lights up, that’s all. To get started, double tap the bracelet to see it light up. With five small light points, it is easy to understand (especially since the application explained it), that each point corresponds to a fifth of the objective. Once this is reached, everything vibrates and lights up in different colors to warn you, thereafter, four dots remain white and one green. This is the only indication that it is possible to provide. The other interesting element, however: is that the sensor can be placed as a pendant or on other bracelets that are more aesthetic as mentioned above.

fitbit flex 2 design

Bracelet autonomy

It is necessary to count two hours of recharging for five days of battery life according to estimates. Nearly 72 hours after, in any case, still no worries to note, the battery is more than enough to perform any action.

Fitbit Flex 2 versus Fitbit Charge 2?

Aesthetic level, the Fitbit Flex 2 is nicer in that it is thinner. Very discreet, it has the supreme advantage of being able to be integrated into a very designer necklace or bracelets. He wins a big point.

Level taken in hand, in comparison with our Review of the Fitbit Charge 2, this has nothing comparable since the Flex 2, only serves as a visual and vibrant memo, it is therefore understood naturally, however, no difficulties on the other either, so everywhere.

Utility level, This is where the Fitbit Flex 2 loses the war, no heart rate sensor, no screen and no detection of indoor sport, it is disappointing for frantic athletes. However, for everyone, it fulfills its essential function of not leaving anyone inactive …


For great athletes, the interest is limited. Automatic sport detection is not frankly admirable and indoor sport was not spotted in this Review at all. On the other hand, for everyone, it is more discreet, more welcoming even and has the minimum benefits in daily use. A honorable value for money so.

Design and finishes Discreet, it can be worn as a necklace, which makes it super aesthetic Features : Correct for everyday life but unsuitable for great athletes (except swimming apparently), beware of the countryside, the GPS is not detected. Use / handling : Very intuitive, nothing to do except to admire the code of the diodes. Application : Very precise for sleep and the number of steps / distance / calories. Less effective for indoor sports, especially carpet running. Value for money : For everyday life, it fulfills its functions well. The value for money is good, but the product may be a bit over-sold when it comes to sports.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 new cheap smart health connected bracelet

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 new cheap smart health connected bracelet

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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 review price Review release date of the best smart health connected bracelet 2020 at low price and record autonomy of 20 days and a much larger and resistant screen.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 review price Review release date of the best smart health connected bracelet 2020

The Beijing-based group has already sold more than 100 million portable smart health connected devices. The first Mi Band model was launched in 2004. We are therefore waiting for the 5th version of its smart health connected bracelet at a low price. We were hoping for its formalization on April 3, 2020. But, Xiaomi presented in its place, the Redmi band. It is a smart health connected bracelet with very similar functions produced by Redmi, its subsidiary positioned first price. The official release is June 11, 2020.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 design and features

The next smart health connected bracelet will offer a color touch screen 1.1 inch AMOLED (against a 0.95 inch screen on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4). The dial will be brighter and have better contrast. It is available for launch in four colors: yellow, red, green and black. For fun and to personalize the display, several animated faces are offered. They are based on licenses like SpongeBob, Detective Conan, Hatsune Miku or Neon Genesis Evangelion. Xiaomi Mii Band 5 Price Date

Specifications Xiaomi Mi Band 5

  • 1.1 inch color OLED touch screen, higher and brighter contrast. 20% more size than the previous version.
    • resolution of 126 x 194 pixels
    • maximum brightness of 450 cd / m².
  • Integrated GPS.
  • SpO2 sensor
  • Amazon Alexa Assistant
  • PC unlock
  • NFC but only in China, so without Google Pay.
Xiaomi Mi Band 5 specifications Like the rest of the range, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 records all kinds of sports exercises, your movements, your calorie expenditure. In addition, the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is equipped with a new charging system. Whereas on the Band 4 you had to remove the bracelet block to place it in its USB charger, the Mi Band 5 works with a magnetic charger which allows it to be placed directly on the bracelet thanks to two electrodes. A simpler and faster solution. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 magnetic charger

The new features of the Mi Band 5

  • Adding a SpO2 sensor. This SpO2 sensor allows the device to track oxygen in the blood. If you apply this to sleep tracking, it can be used to detect sleep apnea. But, there is very little chance that the FDA or other public health agencies will approve the use of a Xiaomi SpO2 sensor.
  • Integration ofAmazon Alexa voice assistant. Theoretically, so you can control all smart health connected devices in your health home that are compatible with Alexa without your smartphone, such as lighting, cameras, TV or speakers. But also order the features of sports monitoring by voice (which avoids using the touch screen while running). But, for the moment contradictory information announces that this functionality will be strongly restrained. You would have to have the phone to carry to use it or even an Amazon Echo speaker … which would take away its interest.
  • Remote control of his smartphone’s camera.
  • In addition todisplay notifications from your smartphone on your wrist, Xiaomi announces integration with Windows 10 for unlock your PC with Mi Band 5 window. This function already existed but you need to install a third party application and pair it with your smartphone to unlock your laptop. Now with the latest software update, it becomes native (deployment already underway in India).
  • Integrated GPS, allowing the bracelet to be used without a smartphone nearby. Perfect for sports.
  • Addition of menstrual cycle monitoring.
  • The health home app Xiaomi Mi Fit (for Android and also iPhone on theApple Store) has a new version available since March 31, 2020. Thus, version 4.0.17 supports Apple ID connections. This update is also accompanied by a general performance improvement for improved monitoring.
Xiaomi Mi Band 5 software news
  • However, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 should not be the first fitness tracker for the company to offer contactless payment outside of China. In the Mi Band 3 and 4 versions there is a NFC chip, but only for payments via the Middle Empire platform: My Pay. So it will be the same with the V5.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 connectivity

To connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 to a smartphone based on Android or iOS, you will need to use the proprietary Mi Fit app and the data transfer will be via Bluetooth 5.0 the, which has a range of 50 meters.

Health and sleep monitoring

For sport and your physical activities The full list of 11 sports directly compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Band 5:
  • running, jogging and treadmill,
  • exercises,
  • market and hiking
  • rower
  • swimming in pool
  • jump rope
  • bike, indoor and elliptical trainer
  • Yoga.
The physical activity monitoring functions:
  • Training modes
  • Counts steps, distance and calories burned
  • End-of-training notifications, goal setting, heart rate chart, and inactivity alerts.
Tracking your sleepl with a quality score for each night. The Mi band analyzes your periods of deep and light sleep, as well as the heart rate to help you improve your sleep habits.

Excellent autonomy

The Mi Band 5 is equipped with a 125 mAh battery, which should guarantee up to 14 days of autonomy. Full recharge takes just 2 hours.

Price and availability of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

For France, the first seller to offer the international version is the Banggood importer in price of € 35.38. FYI, the price of the smart health connected bracelet in China is 189 yuan (24 euros HT) in version without NFC, and 229 yuan (29 euros HT) with NF. This generally corresponds to a sales price including tax in France of € 39. The Mi Band 4 was released in the summer of 2019, the Mi Band 5 will be released in China on June 18, 2020, meanwhile we have the new Redmi Band or the excellent Mi Band 4 version. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 price date

Comparison between Mi Band 5, Mi Band 4 and 3

Mi Band 3 Mi Band 4 Mi Band 5
Touchscreen black and white 0.78 ″ color 0.95 ″ 1.2 ″ color
Resolution 128 x 80 240 x 120 360 x 180
Protection Hard plastic 2.5 D glass 2.5 D glass
Sensors 3 axis movement 6 axis movement 6 axis movement
Autonomy 15 days 15 days 20 days
NFC NFC China NFC China Google Pay
Options in China Avengers series

First Opinion Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Once again, the Chinese giant hits hard with the regular update of its bestseller. This fifth version is in competition with the bracelets offered at much higher prices like the Withings Pulse HR or the Fitbit charge 3 (which has also just launched version 4 for pre-order at 149 €!). The integrated GPS was missing in version 4, this is corrected, It will be difficult for other brands to do better and especially at this price.

The Dreamlight Zen takes you to the land of Morpheus through meditation

The Dreamlight Zen takes you to the land of Morpheus through meditation

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Dreamlight, a company specializing in smart health connected sleep masks, presents its new model, Dreamlight Zen . As the name suggests, this product ventures into the territory of meditation.

At first glance, the Dreamlight Zen looks like a slightly more muscular version of a normal mask. We had to put all the technology it takes inside, but it doesn’t seem that thick. Overall, it displays a versatile design that doesn’t shock. This is of course not what is sought above all for this kind of product. However, it can reassure the user to know that he doesn’t look too silly while wearing it.

After all, we especially expect a sleep mask to help us fall asleep. Whether you’re at health home, at the office during a restful nap, or on an airplane stuck for more than 10 hours. Dreamlight Zen is supposed to do this effectively playing on the principles of meditation. Being relaxed is actually a good start before falling into a deep sleep.

dreamlight zen fill

The Dreamlight Zen relies on its hardware

To do this, the Dreamlight Zen pulses orange light by the small integrated screens. With this, the system synchronize a soundtrack which is broadcast by headphones. Several atmospheres have been incorporated by its manufacturer for changing experiences. And if you want more, you can connect a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Dreamlight mainly focused on the comfort of the mask when you wear it. So it’s not too heavy, it doesn’t let outside light filter in and it does not apply any annoying pressure on the eyes.

For the moment, there are a little concrete information on this mask, like its price or its availability. The only thing that has filtered out is that it should cost about two times cheaper that the Dreamlight Pro sold 300 dollars. Case to follow.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Help fall asleep quicker
  • Comfortable and soft
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • A little expensive
[rehub_affbtn btn_text=”Check the newest price ” btn_url=””]


The other Dreamlight masque to help you sleep better

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Lapka, a smart health connected environmental analyzer!

Lapka, an innovative smart health connected environmental analyzer!

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If you think that smart health connected objects are only luxury products, even useless, you do not know Lapka. This pack of various smart health connected environmental sensors is one of the most successful accessories in the Apple range. Its small size does not prevent its sensors from efficiently analyzing the air quality, the humidity or radiation in the air, the temperature or the “bio degree” of a fruit. Just that. Read this Lapka review to discover more about this innovative smart health device.And Lapka has been acquired by Airbnb.

Whether you like it or not, the iPhone remains a jewel of technology that has always unleashed passions and creatives. So, in terms of accessories, it is not surprising to find objects as original as culinary thermometers, smart health connected lighters or even portable wind turbines to recharge your phone. Nice gadgets but which, let’s face it, were superfluous. Today, discover a new accessory with less accessory utility: Lapka environmental sensors.

Lapka Set

An original design

At first glance, you don’t really know what you’re looking at. Some see it as a puzzle, others as a geek decoration item, and some believe they see it as the shapes of a new Apple product. These are the closest to the truth. Clean forms, raw materials, neutral colors … The Scandinavian origin of Lapka sensors is well marked, and this is what stands out most in the landscape of smart health connected objects. At a time of high-tech bidding where the Quantified self (the famous fashion of smart health connected measurement tools) is endowed with increasingly complex ergonomics to illustrate its technological superiority, Russian society has opted for simplicity and we appreciate it. A design that wants to be elementary but that could mislead buyers. It’s that, unlike their physical appearance, Lapka sensors are really nothing superfluous.

A “healthy talisman”

Distributed by G&C Distribution and purchasable on many platforms, this smart health connected environmental analyzer is the work of the Russian company Lapka. The fact of gathering all these sensors in a single reduced size object was the will of the company. Vadik Marmeladov, its co-founder and creative director, says, “We want to be the rabbit foot we keep on us every day to make sure everything is fine. It’s like a talisman that keeps you safe. “

This new kind of talisman therefore includes detectors of radiation, electromagnetic fields, humidity, temperature or organic quality of food. Each sensor is independent but can be nested with the others to avoid losing them, and each can be smart health connected to the headphone jack on your iPhone. If it is clear that the gesture is admirable, as well as the technique (the Geiger counter used to detect radiation is really tiny), it must be admitted that few people care about the ambient radiation rate or worry about overexposure to the electromagnetic fields of our household appliances. And that, Lapka knows because, according to Marmeladov, it is the will of the firm to make its users aware of the invisible things that surround us. This sensor pack therefore presents itself as a tool for connecting with the world as well as a journal of our environment. You have to admit that no one had ever thought about it yet.

One device, four sensors

And in practice then, what does it give? To answer it, let’s look at this new tool and unpack it. The rectangles and wooden cubes that make up the device are actually four singular devices, which you can separate from others by envy. Each room has its own cord which can be plugged into the jack of any iOS device (from iPhone to iPad, including iPod Touch). The Apple application allowing you to use this information is available free of charge, allowing you to carry out an environmental assessment from any of your Apple devices. Another advantage: the application does not only present a list of abstract figures, it tells consumers if the rates found are dangerous to their health and what their concrete effects are on the body.

If the Lapka Set includes all four sensors that we are exhibiting, each of them can be purchased and used separately from the others. Let’s study them instead:

A good humidity detector can reach 150 euros, while this Lapka sensor barely exceeds 80 euros. And since just measuring humidity is a pretty monotonous activity, it also includes an integrated thermometer. This is to accurately measure the temperature and humidity level of the place where you live, work or sleep. Ideal for rooms that fear infiltration, wine cellars or bedrooms, for which these factors are important.

Lapka Humidity

In reality, the Lapka Radiation is just a standard Geiger counter. The difference is that it is much smaller and also a little slower. If the result can take a little more than two minutes to appear, the device collects extremely precise information on the nature of the radioactive particles around us and their possible effects on the organism. However, no need to hide that this is probably the analyzer that will be the least useful to you in everyday life, since few situations involve any degree of radiation. It can always be interesting to use in a connection with the environment.

Lapka Radiation

EMF stands for Electro Magnetic Fields, or Electromagnetic Fields. This is indeed the usefulness of this sensor, which is intended to help you detect the frequency of the electromagnetic waves around you. At a time when high-tech devices are invading our homes, this question is really beginning to arise. The waves analyzed come in two groups: low frequencies (chargers, power lines, washing machines) which are measured in microtesla, and high frequencies (mobile phones, microwave ovens) which are expressed in volts / meter . The difference is important because generally, this kind of analyzer are specialized only in one wavelength. It can therefore help you find the places in your health home that are least exposed to this kind of pollution, whether it is for doing your yoga or installing your baby’s room.

It’s probably the most intriguing sensor in this pack. Its goal: to determine if your fruits or vegetables are truly organic. To do this, the detector is fitted with both a probe to be planted in the food (raw and vegetable obligatorily) and a cable to connect to your iPhone. The sensor will Review the ionic conductivity of the fruit / vegetable and deduce the concentration of nitrate, caused by the use of synthetic fertilizers (nitrogen-based). Lapka analyzes all this information and transfers the results to your phone, allowing you to know if the fruit you have in your hands comes from a natural culture. If you’ve always been puzzled by the organic label of plant products, you can always check for yourself, with supporting evidence and live.

Lapka Organic

Garmin Forerunner 935 review: the new GPS watch dedicated to running and triathlon

IHealth Feel BP5 smart health connected blood pressure monitoring Review

IHealth SENSE BP7S smart health connected blood pressure monitoring Review

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iHealth manufactures and distributes innovative smart health connected health products: wellness products, medical devices and applications for monitoring health data. In their range of smart health connected blood pressure monitors, we tested the arm blood pressure monitoring, the iHealth Feel BP7S model. Here are the results of IHealth SENSE BP7S Review.


In its cardboard box, the product is delivered with an elegant case for protection and transport. Below is the USB connection cable, a quick start guide and a more detailed user manual. The style is refined, a single on-off button on the side of the product, a place to connect the charging cable on the bottom, nothing more.  
iHealth Feel BP7S Upper Arm Blood Pressure monitoring
Package contents

Use & Getting started


The iHealth Feel BP7S blood pressure monitoring is powered by a rechargeable battery, so no batteries are needed. Just plug the cable into the device and connect it via USB to a computer or a simple USB charger. A green light will start to flash on the surface of the device. The flashing will stop at the end of charging.

Download the application

To connect the iHealth Sense BP7S blood pressure monitoring, you must first download the My Vitals app from iHealth from the App Store or Google Play depending on the model of your smartphone. You will find on our applications page all the necessary links. Once the application is installed, you must then create an account to be able to use it. It makes it possible to connect all the devices of the iHealth brand, and thus to be able in addition to its tension to manage its weight, its activity and its sleep.

Log in

You need to activate the Bluetooth connection on your phone and press the power button on the blood pressure monitoring for 3 seconds. The blue bluetooth logo will then flash the surface of the blood pressure monitoring. You then choose your device in the application. Once the device is recognized by the smartphone, the connection is then made automatically when the blood pressure monitoring is switched on. It should be noted that it is possible to take the voltage measurement without necessarily being smart health connected to the smartphone or tablet (you must however activate this option beforehand in the application).

Taking measurements

You have to put the blood pressure monitoring around the arm, blue mark towards the elbow, then press the single On / Off button so that it turns on. Then press the start button of the application in the voltage section to start taking the measurement. The cuff will gradually inflate, the measurement is made during inflation. When finished, the results are displayed on the app.

My Vitals app

The My Vitals app is fairly easy to use. It allows you to follow the evolution of blood pressure over a given period, as well as the export of data by email in several formats (CSV, Excel, Pdf), which can then be useful for your doctor. You can also share your data through social media.
IHealth My Vitals app
Choice of devices
IHealth My Vitals app
IHealth My Vitals app
Interpretation of the result

                It is also possible to consult the state of the tensiometer battery, make a manual data entry and have a summary of all its data in tabular form (also including weight, sleep, measurements of the pulse oximeter …).

Pharmacist’s opinion

The iHealth Feel BP5 blood pressure monitoring allows regular monitoring of your blood pressure, it is accompanied by a fairly complete application which also allows you to export data and thus transmit it, among other things to your doctor.

Buy Now

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Other iHealth smart monitor recommanded [content-egg module=Viglink template=custom/bigcart] Alternative smart health monitor  [content-egg module=Walmart template=custom/compact] AB SMART HEALTH REVIEW]]>

Fitbit Aria Air new smart health connected scale for back to school, smart health device review

Fitbit Aria Air review – new smart health connected scale for back to school

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Fitbit Aria Air review ,the new smart health connected balance for a return to fitness at an affordable price and fully compatible with the brand’s smart health connected watches and bracelets.

Fibit Aria Air new smart health connected scale for back to school

After the announcement of the new version of its Fitbit Versa 2 smart health connected watch, here is the Fitbit Aria Air smart health connected scale, two “wearables” to motivate you to stay in shape.

So welcome back to all and a special thought to my students that I find this morning.

Classic and sober design

Available in white or black, nothing special. Design-wise, the Air looks like the Aria 2, although it lacks the same metal ring around the scale screen.


fitbit aria air design price test reviews

It can be configured in a few minutes from your smartphone via Bluetooth using the dedicated application to download beforehand.

Fitbit Aria Air features and connectivity

The Aria Air offers additional functions including the possibility of configuring weight goal plans and connect the scale to partner applications to see all of your health and fitness data in one place.

It has Bluetooth technology only to synchronize data with the Fitbit companion app and can measure your weight and body mass index (BMI) over time.

  • Measure and display your weight on the screen
  • Automatically syncs your data with your Fitbit account via Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Show your trends with clear and readable graphics
  • Multi-user. It allows you to track the individual data of all family members, each receiving only their information on their smartphone.
  • Works with Fitbit electronic coaches and perfectly complements your diet and physical activity monitoring in the Fitbit app
  • Possibility to create a custom plan : Set an ideal weight goal in the Fitbit app, record your food and watch weight trends as well as calories ingested and consumed to stick to a plan based on personal goals.
  • A social balance. If nobody wants to communicate on their weight, you can go to Fitbit Community to communicate with your friends, your family and other Fitbit users for advice on healthy eating and weight management, groups of support and motivation.

Compatible with third-party applications (Fitbit Health Solutions partners). Synchronize weight data with popular brand apps so you can see all of your exercise, food registration and weight data in one place on the Fitbit app. Current Fitbit compatible apps (I put the ones I know):

  • MyFitnessPal
  • Stava
  • Weigh watcher
  • RunKeeper
  • Alexa

fitbit compatible app

An optional Premium subscription

The special feature is that the smart health connected scale will be compatible with the new premium subscription service ($ 9.99 per month).

  • Of personalized and guided programss to help you reach your goal. In addition, a two-week program to help you understand the importance of maintaining a range of calories appropriate for your weight goal.

I am very reserved on this last option, but to see the feedback from users who will buy this accompanying solution.

Price and availability Fitbit Aria Air

The Aria Air is available for order on Amazon UK now for £49.99. It was availabled from October 1, 2019. A very correct price on the smart health connected scales market. You can also order from Amazon France for Fitbit Aria Air scale and watch with price 167,21 €

An excellent purchase price, significantly more affordable than the Aria 2 model, if you do not subscribe to the Premium plan.

First review Fitbit Aria Air

The Aria Air is a lot more affordable than previous ones Fitbit smart health connected scales, and many easier to use.

The advantage of the Aria scale is that it works in complementarity with all Fitbit devices in a single application on your mobile and third-party applications. So you can track all your activities, exercises, sleep, heart rate, nutrition, weight data and trends over time.

I therefore recommend it for users who already have a Fitbit product (watch or bracelet) to take advantage of this complementarity.

There remains the paid subscription service to have a guided follow-up on which I am very reserved. Even if I fully understand the economic purpose for the brand.




Fitbit Charge HR: Complete Review of the Fitbit smart health connected bracelet smart health innovation

Don’t buy Fitbit Charge HR smart health bracelet until you read this Review

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Fitbit renews its range of smart health connected wristbands with the Fitbit Charge HR, little brother of the Charge’s first name. The difference: the possibility of continuously monitoring your heart rate, ideal for all Sunday sports enthusiasts as well as the most experienced. The sensor is passed over the editorial expert’s wrist.Read this Fitbit Charge HR review.

Marketing price : From $100

Tested on : Nexus 5

Unboxing of the Fitbit Charge HR

The bracelet is packaged in a vertical plastic box of rather good quality, highlighting the bracelet. Bracelet wrapped around a plastic base that allows you to see the whole thing. Inside, the Fitbit of course, but also a dongle that plugs into your computer’s USB port and a USB cable that allows you to charge the device on a computer. It is not mandatory to keep the dongle constantly on the computer. Installing it when you want to use the dashboard is enough.

FitBit Charge HR Test unboxing

It’s now classic, but still unfortunate: no instructions inside. However, the use is really simple and accessible. In addition, all the information necessary for operation is displayed automatically when you connect the devices to your computer.

FitBit Charge HR Test unboxing

Design & Ergonomics of the Fitbit charge HR bracelet

The Fitbit charge HR is simple, without being simplistic. Still, it does not shine with a revolutionary design. It is available in several colors: black, blue, plum and orange. A good point, because the black bracelet, which we have at the editorial office, is still a little bit sad. The small screen is well placed and allows you to correctly see the information it displays.

FitBit Charge HR Test design

FitBit Charge HR Test design

Easy to attach we will still regret the material, aesthetically unfriendly and especially not the most comfortable to wear. However, we are far from the fashionable attack since it remains discreet. Its other small defect is its tendency to get dirty fairly quickly.

Application – Fitbit Charge user manual and advice

Thanks to its bright and waterproof OLED screen, the Fitbit Charge HR bracelet allows you to track the weather and follow your daily sports activity.

FitBit allows you to display the hour, the number of steps, the distance taken, the calories burned, the equivalent of the number of stages climbed and finally the heart rate. You can also track your time spent sleeping and wake you up with a silent vibrating alarm that lets you receive call notifications directly from your wrist.

But the main interest of Fitbit is its two applications, one on the computer (webapp) and the other directly on the phone. For practical reasons, we will tend to use the mobile application that connects via Bluetooth. For its part, the computer version connects via a small USB accessory that connects the bracelet via Bluetooth. As for the quality of the application, both of them, both versions are of excellent quality. The whole is presented in the form of large tables and graphs. We did not encounter any bug during the Review phase, not even a small untimely return to the office. Fluid and intuitive, there is not much to blame for the user.

FitBit Charge HR Test application
The main screen shows the main information already present on the watch
FitBit Charge HR test application computer
The computer dashboard is more complete on the health home page.

Fitbit Charge HR bracelet compatibility

All devices in Bluetooth 4.0 (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

Use and handling Fitbit Charge HR waterproof and sports coach

We said it,application is very good. The interesting being the why. The reason is simple: Fitbit charge HR offers extremely regular monitoring of all your activities.

Daily activity

The spearhead of Fitbit, since the creation of the first bracelets, is the monitoring of daily activity. As usual, there is the recommended minimum of 10,000 steps per day. A figure not so easy to reach when working in an office, even when taking public transport. It is therefore advisable to make most of your journeys on foot if you really care about your 10,000 steps. Note that it is possible to modify the “success” threshold and lower this recommendation. The same goes for calorie expenditure, distance or number of floors traveled. It must be said, the accuracy of the Fitbit is relatively good, except perhaps for the distance on foot which is growing even really quickly. On the other side, the floors count the big ribs, so we easily find ourselves at 45 floors during the day. So be careful not to take the big head in front of your colleagues!

FitBit Charge HR Test application
There are days when we are far from moving enough …

A trophy system has been set up allowing the user to motivate himself to respect his objectives and to surpass himself!

FitBit Charge HR Test application

FitBit Charge HR Test application

The device is really interesting, even for a user who is not very athletic. But of course, it is the latter who will find the full interest of the Fitbit Charge HR. A real ally who does not even need to have his smartphone in his pocket since he records information. The terminal also incorporates a sport activity function which records the duration, intensity of effort, distance traveled … In short, nothing very new compared to the previous models, but still as devilishly effective!

Tracking your diet

Where Fitbit can become an important ally is when you decide to lose weight. Enter your height, your actual weight and the one you want to reach. Select the rhythm you want (easy, medium, difficult, extreme) and off you go. The application will tell you how many calories you have burned and will calculate the ratio with the recommended ration according to the chosen diet. Then just enter the food you’ve eaten and the app takes care of everything. It will tell you if you have eaten too much, not enough and especially how many calories you can still eat.

The system is quite efficient even if it is not always extremely precise. For that, you have to take your time. Still, we can hardly do better. It is also possible to scan bar codes to enter information directly. Not all references are present, but the catalog is still substantial.

In short, the system is well thought out and will allow anyone who wants to be careful what they eat, to do it, quite simply and allow themselves a little deviation after a good workout without reducing all the efforts to nothing.

Heart rate and sleep

This is the main argument of the Fitbit Charge HR: continuous heart rate monitoring available directly on the bracelet. HR stands for Hearth Rate here, for those who have not understood. Fortunately, this one works well. Responsiveness is at the rendezvous and it’s easy to keep track of it day by day. The main interest is of course during sports activities, where the quality is still there even if it tends to lose precision. After all, the product is intended for everyday life and not for great athletes. So on that side, he fulfills his mission. Small sadness, it is the non-presence of waterproofing that could have brought a bonus to the bracelet to follow its activity underwater. Is the fitbit charge HR not waterproof?

FitBit Charge HR test Application

In terms of sleep monitoring, the result is also satisfactory. During the various nights, the Fitbit Charge HR automatically detects when you fall asleep and performs a rather precise sleep analysis even if the count is not made by the minute. While it may not be the most important feature of the product, it has the merit of being there and informing anyone who wants it.

FitBit Charge HR Test application

FitBit Charge HR Test application


We will have had just over 5 days to completely empty the Fitbit Charge HR, a more than honorable score. For its part, recharging is extremely fast, just 2 hours. Note that sending an email when the tracker is unloaded is always fun! Black point, the charging cable is proprietary. Be careful not to lose it!

The Fitbit Charge HR bracelet facing the competition

Opposite the Fitbit Charge HR, the Jawbone UP24 is also a quality smart health connected bracelet which has the advantage of being able to calibrate the accelerometer unlike the Fitbit. The fact remains that the latter has the non-negligible advantage of an information screen.

However, there is no point in veiling your face. In the field of fitness smart health connected bracelets, Fitbit remains the only master on board. We compared the Jawbone UP3 and the Huawei Talkband B2 to reach the conclusion that neither of them was really up to the mark of this market.

Among the models of the Fitbit range that we tested on the site, you will be able to find the Surge which is closer to a smart health connected watch or the Flex 2 which is intended more for a less sporty clientele. Finally, the Charge 2, successor to the Charge HR, which takes the concept even further.

For more information, don’t hesitate to consult our comparison & reviews of Fitbit products.

Similar products

In addition to FITBIT Charge HR, the following products also have similar functions


Design : Discreet, the Fitbit Charge HR has a nice appearance even if the black is a little sad. The real downside comes from the material used for the bracelet, not the most pleasant. It should still be noted that the bracelet is waterproof.

Application : We can hardly do better. The whole is clear, simple and does not lack details. In addition, it does not crash. The big highlight of the product.

Use / Getting started : The use being strongly linked to the application, the criticisms will be the same. Complimentary.

Value for money : Sold initially at $149.99 , it is possible to find it around $120 on the net. At that price, it’s hard to find a better quality product.




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